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Lucky Stall Event Guide

Lucky Stall” is a event that comes to Rise of Kingdoms along with “Lucky Spin” where we can obtain by probability a great reduction in the cost of resources for the 3 main forms of development in the game, Research, Construction and Training. These reduction percentages increase according to the probability that we have, we can also unlock more of these probabilities in “Lucky Spin” by completing a series of missions.

Lucky Stall

Event Rules

  • You can wish for whichever theme you prefer during the event period among “Construction”, “Research”, and “Training”.
  • Select a theme and make a wish to obtain the specified resource cost reduction bonus (effective only during the event period).
  • These reductions can cover Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold during the event period but only up to a certain amount per resources, that is, the reduction is capped.

  • The first wish is free of charge. Subsequent wishes will cost one Lucky Coin apiece. Lucky Coins may be obtained from the “Lucky Spin” event.
  • Make a wish and then tap “Change” to make another wish at the cost of one Lucky Coin. Once you’ve made a new wish, you can choose to replace your current reduction bonus with the new one.
  • When you cancel upgrades and training during the event, you will receive a refund of all resources as usual. But the canceled upgrades and training still count towards your reduction cap.
  • All Lucky Coins will be removed at the end of the event, so be sure to make use of them beforehand.

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Cost reduction probability based on each Theme
Research Build Train
-20% 10% -20% 10% -10% 15%
-30% 25% -30% 25% -20% 25%
-40% 30% -40% 30% -30% 35%
-50% 23% -50% 23% -40% 20%
-60% 12% -60% 12% -50% 5%


  • We must choose wisely what cost we want to use so as not to waste “ Lucky Coins” the first use is free, but then it will cost.
  • For F2P players a tip is to take advantage of this event to reduce the cost of building or improving buildings and researching technologies in the academy, the more expensive these costs are, the better to take advantage of the reduction in resources.
  • When activating the event, it will show us the reduction buff that we have in our buff panel, look carefully before using the change of buff that you are developing so as not to waste every opportunity.
  • By completing the missions, we can get more “ Lucky Coins” to win more opportunities, therefore, do not despair with the 1st buff you get, try to find a better one without spending all the opportunities.
  • Before Building, Training or Researching, it will show you the previous cost and the new cost with the new percentage of reduction that you have active.
  • We must be attentive to our resource cap for each theme.
  • Use any rune, kingdom buff or alliances that control “Holy Sites” to obtain a reduction of time in each of these themes and thus be able to accelerate them later to complete missions and continue taking advantage of the reduction in the cost of resources.

Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin is the event that comes together with “Lucky Stall” where by completing a series of missions it rewards us with various items, in addition to obtaining “ Lucky Coins” to change the cost or probability of each theme in “Lucky Stall”.

Event Rules

  • During the event, Governors can complete event-related quests to get a wealth of rewards and Lucky Coins!
  • Lucky Coins can be used to make a wish at the “Lucky Stall” for special bonus.
Quests Rewards
Use 1,000 Minutes for Speedup Items x2 x1 Universal Speedup x2 Resource Chest x5
Use 6,000 Minutes for Speedup Items Golden Key x1 x1 Universal Speedup x3 Resource Chest x5
Use 10,000 Minutes for Speedup Items Golden Key x1 x2 Universal Speedup x1 Resource Chest x10
Use 20,000 Minutes for Speedup Items Legendary Commander Sculpture x1 x1 x1 Golden Key x1 Universal Speedup x3
Defeat Barbarians 10 Times x1 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x1 Research Speedup x4 arrow of resistance x5
Defeat Barbarians 30 Times x2 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x1 Research Speedup x6 arrow of resistance x10
Defeat Barbarians 50 Times x4 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x2 Research Speedup x2 arrow of resistance x20
Attack Barbarian Forts 10 Times x3 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x1 Training Speedup x6 Book of Covenant x5
Gather 10,000,000 Resources on the map x3 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x1 Training Speedup x1 Book of Covenant x10
Gather 20,000,000 Resources on the map x4 Tome of Knowledge level 3 x2 Training Speedup x2 Book of Covenant x20


An interesting and great event that we can take advantage of like any type of player in Rise of Kingdoms, for 5 days we will have multiple opportunities to earn rewards and reduce the cost of each important task we do in the game, so far 3 types of costs have been added strong, hopefully at some point we will have an equal reduction for the cost of healing our troops in the Hospital, it would be great, for the moment we only have to take advantage of this excellent event.

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