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Lucerne Scrolls – The RoK “Battle Pass”

Lucerne Scrolls in the Trading Post
Lucerne Scrolls is located in the Trading Post building!

Lucerne Scrolls would be our Rise of Kingdoms “Battle Pass”, as other mobile and online games have.

This guarantees players a series of missions with valuable rewards.

We will explain below what is the best way to finish our Lucerne, some tricks and useful tips so that you do not waste a level.

Clarify that this guide is focused on Governors who spend little or no money on the game.

Rise of Kingdoms Lucerne Scrolls

There are 80 levels in “Lucerne Scrolls” each with varied rewards that we will explain later, but not everything is free.

You can complete the 80 Free Levels but there are 2 payment methods that will allow us to acquire certain luxury rewards. If you do not pay some of the 2 offers all those rewards will be reduced because only 54 Levels will be available for free and without some of the best gifts. But no matter, we will explain the best way to complete our Scroll for all Governors.

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Lucerne Scrolls - The RoK "Battle Pass"

Payment Methods

Ancestor’s Legacy (F2P): Price 5$, we will unlock the extra row of rewards so as we complete the levels we can patiently obtain all those good extra rewards.

Divine Inheritance (P2W): Price $19.99, it will quickly unlock 10 levels, the missions will be completed with 50% more Clues, that is, if we obtained 50 Clues for a mission we will now have 75

Lucerne Scrolls Missions: How to Complete and Tips

Weekly Challenge

They are unlocked weekly and upon completion they will give us the Clues to increase our Scroll Level, in many of these missions we must be smart because they can be repeated, for example:

These missions can be completed in a quiet way even on the last day of “Lucerne Scrolls” that lasts between 50 to 55 days, they do not necessarily have to be in the same week so we take advantage of when they repeat and kill two birds with one stone.

weekly challenge

Lucerne Scrolls Season Challenge

We also have missions in “Season Challenge”, which are a bit longer to complete because they require a certain amount of time, but it is not impossible:

  • “Battlefield Native” Defeat 1590 barbarian armies: 1590 barbarian / 50 days = 31.8 barbarian peer days, this way we will be assured of our challenge, killing almost 32 barbarians per day, something quite simple.
  • “Unyielding” Destroy 500 Barbarian forts: a little more complicated if we read in numbers, but if we calculate it is something simple 500 forts / 50days = 10 forts peer days.
  • “Reliable” – Log in for 50 days: we only have to open the game 1 second for 50 days.
  • “A Weel-Trained Army” Train 450,000 units: we will need to take advantage of Troop training events such as MGE or Increase Power to cut distances in this challenge, if we calculate 45000 units / 8000 Units daily (Assuming we are Level 25 in our Barracks training) = 56.25 days, we should even use runes and training buff to reduce this number, so it is advisable to accelerate and train troops in events that require it, so we get a double reward.
  • “Through” complete 850 daily quest: Do all the possible missions of our daily chest, if we calculate 850 daily quest challenge / 24 daily quest = 35.41 days, that is, completing the 24 daily missions of our chest in approximately 36 days we will finish the challenge “Through”
  • “Nature’s Gift” Get 256, 750, 000 resources while collecting resources in the city and on the map: Collect, Collect and Collect!

It is important to take advantage of our in-game time to complete these missions, be it killing barbarians, destroying forts or collecting so we will earn rewards one way or another, speeds and XP books killing barbarians, Books of Covenant and resource packages destroying barbarians forts, more any event that arises within the kingdom we can take advantage of at the same time.

Lucerne Scrolls Rewards

As we have already said, there are multiple rewards from the smallest to the most interesting, but undoubtedly the interesting is found in some form of payment:

  • We have unique city themes that will give beauty to our personal design as well as extra bonuses
  • Frames for our avatar and Governor’s name
  • Reaction emojis
  • Golden Sculptures at least 5 in 80 Levels
  • Multiple Golden keys
  • Resource packs, speeds and equipment materials
  • VIP points and extra AP potions

Lucerne Scrolls Rewards Lucerne Scrolls Rewards

Even reaching Level 80, if there are days left and we can continue completing missions “Lucerne Scrolls” will reward us with some extra gifts, but only if we reach the last level of our “Battle Pass”


In general, we can summarize that it is a good method of rewarding the Governors regardless of the money they invest in the game, we will always have a guaranteed gift, even if we do not complete a mission we can pay for each level, which costs 750 gems for each of these levels, something quite expensive but for many an easier and faster way of reaching the goal first in a certain way.

purchase Lucerne Scrolls levels

And if you want a tip about spending some money on Rise of Kingdoms, now is your time, $5 or $19.99 is a good method of payment for the abundant reward that “Lucerne Scrolls” offers us.

Lucerne Scrolls Treasure Hunting Season | Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Thank you and I hope you like the Lucerne Scrolls guide. Don’t hesitate to leave your comment or suggestion below.

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