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Legendary Tavern Event Guide

Legendary Tavern is the new event that comes to Rise of Kingdoms during the KVK “Season of Conquest” only. In this event, players have the possibility of obtaining numerous rewards such as commander sculptures of any kind and exchange for other rewards.

Despite being a very difficult event for F2P players, players will have the opportunity to obtain rewards in the same way since “ Sovereign Keys” can be obtained in KVK achievements “Season of Conquest” and can be used to unlock numerous prizes.

Legendary Tavern

Legendary Tavern

Event Rules

  • Governors can use Sovereign Keys or gems to open chests and get items within. Every 10 times you open a chest, you are guaranteed one Legendary commander or their sculptures.
  • For evert 200 chests you open during the event, you will be rewarded with a chance to choose your reward once. Please keep track of time left so you can be sure to get the reward of your choice!
  • During this event, if you acquiree a commander (or their sculptures) whose Expertise you’ve already unlocked, it will be changed to Legendary Marks, which can be exchanged for items in the Exchange Shop/
  • Up to 2,000 chests can be opened per day. This limit resets daily at UTC 00:00.
  • At the end of the event, unused  Legendary Marks and Sovereign Keys will be saved for use in the next instance of this event.

Legendary Tavern Probability

Commander Percent
Attila x1 0.024%
Saladin x1 0.066%
Cyrus II the Great x1 0.041%
Harald Sigurdsson x1 0.041%
William I x1 0.041%
tomyris x1 0.066%
x1 0.111%
Genghis Khan x1 0.111%
Edward of Woodstock x1 0.111%
Yi Sun-sin x1 0.041%
Constantine I x1 0.066%
Guan Yu x1 0.041%
Artemisia x1 0.024%
Zenobia x1 0.024%
Chandragupta Maurya x1 0.024%
Leonidas I x1 0.024%
Theodora x1 0.024%
Nebuchadnezzar II x1 0.024%
Takeda Shingen x1 0.041%
ramesses x1 0.041%
Nebuchadnezzar II Sculpture x1 0.789%
Cyrus II the Great Sculpture x1 1.355%
Zenobia Sculpture x1 0.789%
Harald Sigurdsson Sculpture x1 1.355%
William I Sculpture x1 1.355%
Chandragupta Maurya Sculpture x1 0.789%
Yi Sun-sin Sculpture x1 1.355%
Artemisia Sculpture x1 0.789%
ramesses Sculpture x1 1.355%
Guan Yu Sculpture x1 1.355%
Leonidas I Sculpture x1 0.789%
Theodora Sculpture x1 0.789%
Takeda Shingen Sculpture x1 1.355%
Attila Sculpture x1 0.789%
Edward of Woodstock Sculpture x1 3.617%
tomyris Sculpture x1 2.124%
Sculpture x1 3.617%
Genghis Khan Sculpture x1 3.617%
Saladin Sculpture x1 2.124%
Constantine I Sculpture x1 2.124%
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x1 13.639%
Bundle of Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x1 2.153%
Blessed Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x1 2.153%
Healing Speedup 15-Hour Healing Speedup x1 0.861%
Healing Speedup 8-Hour Healing Speedup x1 1.722%
Research Speedup 15-Hour Research Speedup x1 0.574%
Research Speedup 8-Hour Research Speedup x1 1.148%
Training Speedup 15-Hour Training Speedup x1 0.574%
Training Speedup 8-Hour Training Speedup x1 1.722%
gold item 2,000,000 Gold x1 0.574%
gold item 600,000 Gold x1 2.297%
gold item 200,000 Gold x1 2.297%
stone item 3,750,000 Stone x1 2.297%
stone item 1,125,000 Stone x1 2.297%
wood item 5,000,000 Wood x1 2.297%
wood item 1,500,000 Wood x1 2.297%
food item 5,000,000 Food x1 2.297%
food item 1,500,000 Food x1 2.297%
Tome of Knowledge level 4 Lvl 7 Tome of Knowledge  x1 11.485%
Tome of Knowledge level 4 Lvl 6 Tomne of Knowledge x1 11.485%

Reward Choice List

Legendary Tavern Exchange Shop

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Item Cost Quantity Available
x100 40
x40 400
x16 60
x8 100
x3 300
x3 600
x2 700
x2 700
x1 9999

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