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KvK (Lost Crusade) Structures: Honor & Buff

KvK (Lost Crusade) Structures: Honor & Buff

Full credits go to Abused Panda

 Holy Site  Honor Points  Buffs
Crusader Fortress  Kingdom/Alliance Honor +5/m  Kingdom Color
Crusader Camp  Kingdom/Alliance Honor +1/m  Gathering Speed +25%


 Kingdom/Alliance Honor +5/m  March Speed +10%
Hieron of Steel  Kingdom/Alliance Honor +3/m  Troop Defense +5%

Hieron of Throns

 Kingdom/Alliance Honor +3/m  Troop Attack +5%

ancient ruinsAncient Ruins

 Individual/Alliance Honor +5|15/m

ancient ruinsAltar of Darkness

 Individual/Alliance Honor +15|50/m
Circle of Nature  Kingdom/Alliance Honor +7/m Counter-attack Reduction +10%
Action Point Recovery +10%
Circle of Vitality  Kingdom/Alliance Honor +7/m Healing Speed +30%
Hospital Capacity +10%
Circle of Defense  Kingdom/Alliance Honor +7/m Reinforce Capacity +20%
Watchtower Damage +20%

Circle of Courage

 Kingdom/Alliance Honor +7/m All Damage Dealt +3%
Rally Capacity +10%
 Nature Citadel  Troops HP +3%

Storm Citadel

 March Speed +5%

Megalith Citadel

 Troops Defense +3%

Fury Citadel

 Troops Attack +3%

Great ZigguratGreat Ziggurat

 Kingdom/Alliance Honor +15/m  All Damage Dealt +3%
All Damage Taken +3%


KvK (Lost Crusade) Structures: Honor & Buff

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