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KVK Season 1 & 2 Guide for Beginners

The first KvK seasons could be a little difficult for new players, with little experience or Free-to-play Players.

That is why we bring you this KvK 1&2 guide to achieve the best results in each of the stages during the 2 months of fighting.

What is KVK or the Lost Kingdom?

KVK or Lost Kingdom is a map that opens between days 85 – 105 of all the initial kingdoms for everyone to fight in a new map to conquer the Ziggurat.

Firstly, let’s explain some basics of the 1st and 2nd of KVK or Lost Kingdom:

  • KvK has a duration of approximately 60 days in the first season and 50 days in the second season.
  • Players need to complete the stage “Eve of the Crusade” first, which lasts 1 week, before being able to move to the Lost Kingdom map.
  • You can teleport your city to Lost Kingdoms once it is open, but the target location will be random within the territory of your kingdom.
  • Alliances of 8 different kingdoms will participate:
    • In the 1st season, the Continent where their kingdom is located will be the participant.
    • In the 2nd season, the KVK matchmaking system will begin, which is based on the power of the 300 strongest players of each kingdom.

KVK 1 & 2 Map

Rise of Kingdoms kvk 1 map

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How to Teleport to the Lost Kingdom Map?

To enter KVK, players must have the City Hall level 16+, this is the most important point to be able to access the map!

Once the map is open, you can find some icons on the right of the screen, giving you a lot of information as well as a series of tasks and achievements during the KvK.

Most Important Tips for KvK 1 & 2

  • Once you do teleport in KVK, you must always locate your city in the effective territory of the Alliance, thus preventing the enemy from attacking you directly. Guard the territories.
  • Rise of Kingdoms Hospital Building Improve the level of Hospitals to fight for much longer and avoid deaths due to overcapacity.
  • Save Resources, Speed-up, Peace Shield, Teleports, Troops Expansion and Enhanced Attacks / Defense. All of these items are super important for the fights here.
  • Spend all our daily APs killing barbarians or forts to farm Honor points.
  • Always gather resources on the map whenever you are offline as it also adds Honor points and resources are important for the war.
  • ancient ruins Do not forget to participate in each Altar or Ruin occupation schedule to obtain Honor and minutes that will add up to the “Crusader Achievements”.
  • Diplomacy is one of the most important things in KVK! It’s a must to coop with other KVK kingdoms in order to achieve victory. It’s impossible to win the KvK alone.
  • Participating in the schedules established by the kingdom to farm guardians in the Holy Sites! This is one of the best ways to increase the commander XP. Guardians in KVK give much more XP than the common ones of normal kingdom map.
  • Mighty Army As Free-to-play players, it will be difficult if you face P2W players with T5 units and well-geared commanders, so you must be smart when fighting to not get completely defeated in the Open-field.
  • Defend Garrisons and reinforce Rally only when it is necessary, since your troops will die in these combats and you don’t want to run the risk of running out of units. Fight with your best ability!

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Best commanders for KVK 1 & 2 for Free-to-Play Players

As F2P players, you must focus on increasing the skills and strength of a single Legendary commander.

Always go for one of the following commanders at a time.

KvK 1 Commanders

Aethelflaed Great commander for PVP and PVE, it will be our first Legendary and easier to develop in skills, 100% effective for KVK 1 and the best option for F2P players.
richard Strong, very resistant infantry commander for open-field, the most used in KVK 1 by any player.
Charles Martel Great infantry commander, excellent for open-field and defending garrisons, through golden keys we can obtain it and increase its power.
Cao Cao Cao Cao is one of the best options if you want to hunt down your enemies, fast and deadly, excellent cavalry commander for PVP and PVE.
Sun Tzu Epic Infantry Commander excellent for open-field and defending garrisons, the best for F2P.
bjorn ironside Great warrior, good for open-field and attacking cities (not recommended), specialized in leading infantry units.
Baibars Epic cavalry commander, very good for open-field and attacking cities (not recommended).
pelagius Epic cavalry, strong enough for open-field, a good match with any other commander of its kind.
Joan of Arc Great support commander, excellent for open-field, capable of accompanying any other commander with any type of unit specialty.

KvK 2 Commanders

Yi Seong-Gye One of the best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to his incredible versatility, great for Open-field, Rally and Defender Garrisons.
Saladin Excellent Rally and Open-field commander, one of the toughest of its kind in Rise of Kingdoms, as well as deadly.
Infantry Leading Specialist Alexander is one of the strongest commanders for open-field, in KVK 2 he is excellent.
Genghis Khan One of the best options for Open-field and Rally, Genghis Khan is a cavalry leader with a very heavy damage.
Cao Cao Equally effective on KVK 2 and KVK 1, fast and deadly, plus excellent cavalry pairing.
richard Its effectiveness is shared in this KVK 2 as well, strong and resistant for open-field and hold position.
Charles Martel Excellent for defending garrisons and open-field, Martel is one of the strongest infantry commanders in ROK.
Aethelflaed It is still in KVK 2 one of the best options for F2P, its combination with any other commander is excellent.
Sun Tzu His excellent damage skill and PVP aggressiveness for both open-field and garrisons continue to perform in KVK 2 even with multiple commanders.

More details: The best KvK Commanders for Free Players

Honor Roll

Honor is a fundamental statistic at KVK, probably the most important one.

There are 3 Honor classes in KVK: Individual, Alliance, and Kingdom, each one has its own corresponding ranking system to evaluate each Player, Alliance, or Kingdom and reward them with incredible items!

How to get Honor in KVK 1 & 2?

Honor Points Activity
5 Defeat Lvl 26-30 Barbarians
8 Defeat Lvl 31-35 Barbarians
10 Defeat Lvl 36-40 Barbarians
3 Completing gathering at a resource point
15 Destroy a Lvl 6 Barbarian Fort
25 Destroy a Lvl 7 Barbarian Fort
35 Destroy a Lvl 8 Barbarian Fort
45 Destroy a Lvl 9 Barbarian Fort
60 Destroy a Lvl 10 Barbarian Fort

Players can also earn Honor points by occupying Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness!

Individual Honor Roll Ranking

Each player must be able to demonstrate their skills in KVK and one of them is to obtain Honor to position themselves in the best possible ranks and contribute to the Alliance and Kingdom.

individual honor roll ranking

Alliance Honor Roll Ranking

The honor point of the Alliance is based on the total amount of all honor points all of the members have.

The best 50 Alliances of KVK will gain a lot of rewards for their own members.

The other ways to add Honor to your Alliance:

  • The first occupation of Holy Sites
  • Keep occupation of Holy Sites and Pass.
  • Continual occupation of Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness.

Kingdoms Honor Roll Ranking

The alliances within each KVK of each Kingdom make up this Rank of Honor.

Only the top 7 Kingdoms that accumulate the most Honor will be able to obtain rewards of this Rank.


Similar to the Monument of our city, which shows the completed chapters of our Kingdom, Twilight allows players to complete new chapters in KVK to get great rewards!

There are different chapters for each KVK, Alliances, Kingdoms, and individuals so do your best to complete them all and earn a lot of rewards.

Twilight - The Lost Kingdom Chronicles

Crusader Achievements

Another important task in KvK is to complete “Crusader Achievements” to obtain various incredible rewards!

These are also divided into 3 types: Individual, Alliance, and Kingdom and require some crucial tasks such as helping build flags, occupying Ruins and Altars, controlling Holy Sites with your Alliance or Kingdom.

In addition, there are some PVP activities as well, such as killing certain amounts of enemy units and conquering enemy Holy Sites, among others.

Completing the vast majority is one of the challenges for every player in KVK, don’t be the exception.

crusader fortress capture achievement

Past Glory

Past Glory is one of the most awaited KVK stages by all players!

There are 3 easy and simple ways to obtain rewards!

When capturing “Crusader Fortress” we must rebuild the Fortress for each of the stages, completing them in different ways, and in each stage, Kingdom players will get significant buffs for KVK activities.

rise of kingdoms past glory stage 3

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