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K’inich Janaab’ Pakal

Everything you need to know about K’inich Janaab’ Pakal (Pakal II) in Rise of Kingdoms!

Pakal II

K’inich Janaab’ Pakal

Rarity: Legendary

Other Nations  Other
Infantry Infantry | Conquering Conquering | Defense Defense

Note: Players can obtain K’inich Janaab’ Pakal from the Mightiest Governor Event.
Cheok Jun-gyeong and K’inich Janaab’ Pakal are the two commanders getting released in the same update!

Advantages and Disadvantages


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  • Excellent Legendary Infantry Commander for attack cities and strongholds.
  • Great damage absorption and damage per skill.
  • Great damage reduction.
  • Powerful damage increase when attacking cities and stronghold.
  • Excellent dispelling skill.


  • Does not have any healing factor.
  • His skills force him to be a commander for Rally.

Pakal II Summary

Pakal II is the new infantry commander who comes to Rise of Kingdoms as a born conqueror. His skills and talents make him a powerful leader against any type of city or stronghold he faces.

Balanced Strategy his active skill deals direct damage to the enemy and at the same time provides his troops a strong damage absorption shield.

Ruler of Palenque has the multiplicative, and not an additive bonus, which is extremely solid! Very few commanders have high amounts of health like Pakal does!

As a great conqueror Pakal II combines 2 of his passive skills only to attack cities and strongholds “Divine Sovereignty” + “Mayan Strength” (Expertise), that is why this guide recommends using him as the primary commander only for Rally, in open-field it’s best to use him as the secondary commander.

As a Primary commander, the combination of Talents and Skills is important to attack cities and strongholds.

K’inich Janaab’ Pakal Skills

balanced strategy pakal's skill

Balanced Strategy

Active Skill

Deals skill damage to the current target (Damage Factor 1300) and troops led by this commander gain a shield for 3 seconds which can absorb a large amount of damage (Damage Factor 500).


  • Direct Damage Factor: 700/800/900/1100/1300
  • Shield (Self): 200/250/300/400/500

ruler of palenque pakal's skill

Ruler of Palenque

Passive Skill

Infantry units led by this commander gain 30% increased health and 15% increased march speed. When this commander launches a rally attack, all damage dealt is increased by 5%.


  • Infantry Health Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
  • Infantry March Speed Bonus: 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%
  • All damage of rallied troops: 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%

divine sovereignty pakal's skill

Divine Sovereignty

Passive Skill

When attacking strongholds or cities, infantry led by this commander gain 40% increased attack, and have a 20% chance of dispelling any currently active Slow, Poison, Exhaust, and other weakening effects. This skill can trigger once every 10 seconds.


  • Infantry attack bonus: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%
  • Probability: 5%/8%/11%/15%/20%

3rd Skill Explaination

The only difference between Pakal’s effect and Kusunoki’s and Theodora’s version of the skill is that it’s tied to a probability to activate and for a good reason otherwise this commander will be totally unbalanced!

This probability is 20% but can trigger once every 10 seconds!  So the dispelling effect can happen at most one time every 10 turns!

The average luck battles will have this skill activating approximately around every 12 to 14 turns, that’s a bit less than two skill cycles!

This skill is half as effective as Theodoras or Kusunoki’s skill.

In this way, Pakal might still suffer from debuff counter rallies and items that debuff you such as the Concealed Dagger or the Mora’s Web, for example.

This type of skill also removes the self-inflicted debuffs that some commanders might inflict to themselves, such as in the case of Harald Sigurdsson’s third skill, “Varangian Guard”, which stacks up attack and debuffs defense at the same time.

holy tree's blessing pakal's skill

Holy Tree’s Blessing

Passive Skill

Reduces all damage taken by 10%. While on the map, reduces all damage taken when surrounded (bonus reduction = number of surrounding enemies x 5%). The number of surrounding enemies that can be factored into this bonus damage calculation has an upper limit of 6.


  • Damage Taken Reduced by: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%
  • All Damage Taken Decreased (Per Stack): 1%/2%/3%/4%/5%

mayan strength pakal's skill

Mayan Strength

New Skill – Passive Skill

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When this commander launches a rally attack, all damage dealt is increased by 5%. Troops led by this commander deal 3% increased counterattack damage and take 20% less damage from all sources for 5 seconds after using an active skill. This effect

Pakal II Skills

Best Pakal II Talent Trees

Rally Build

Pakal could be used as primary by making some combinations of talents, however, some of his skills will be useless for Open-field, therefore, as we have explained, he is the primary commander for Rally only and secondary for open-field.

Pakal II Rally Talent Tree

Talent Tree Explaination

Conquering Conquering Talents

  • Moment of Triumph Moment of Triumph: This talent will increase the damage up to 9% of our troops led by Pakal while maintaining their strength to more than 90%. Ideal to always reinforce our Rally while attacking cities or strongholds.
  • Marionette Marionette: Reduces damage taken from watchtowers by 15%. Ideal for having the least possible loss of troops and taking less damage during our attack. It only works against cities, as these are the only ones that have watchtowers.
  • Signal Flare Signal Flare: Increases damage dealt to watchtowers by 15%. Our direct attack against the watchtowers of the enemy city will be rewarded with extra damage essential for a quick victory.
  • Tear of Blessing Tear of Blessing: As a great Conqueror talent it will help us reduce the loss of troops during our Attack to a maximum of 9%, we must reach this talent if we want to conquer.
  • Entrenched Entrenched: Increases all damage dealt to strongholds by 3% and damage taken form stronghold garrison is reduces by 3%. Against any structure we will do and suffer less damage.
  • Meteor Shower: When attacking garrison, normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase all damage dealt on the next turn by 50%. Excellent!

Defense Defense Talents

  • no weakness No Weaknesses: Reduces damage taken by 1.5%. Pakal much more defensive.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Grants an additional 6 rage every time this commander’s troop are attacked.
  • master armorer Master Armorer: When troops led by this commander enter battle, increases defense by (1.5% X Commander Star Level) %. Multiplying the maximum possible star, 6 x 1.5 = 9% Defense for our troops. Excellent!

Infantry Infantry Talents

  • Iron Spear Iron Spear: Infantry units led by this commander deal an additional 9% damage to cavalry units. Good talent if the garrison is defended by commanders and cavalry units like Jadwiga, it will also be ideal if we defend some structure and suffer the direct attack of the enemy cavalry.
  • Undying Fury Undying Fury: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage.
  • Double-Headed Axe Double-Headed Axe: Increases normal attack damage by 1.5%. An extra damage gain for our troops.
  • Call of the Pack Call of the Pack: When the army led by this commander has been reduced to 50% strength, increases defense of all troops by 6%. By attacking cities or strongholds thanks to this talent we will keep our troops much more defensive when we have lost 50% of our units.

Best Commanders Pairings for Pakal II

Pakal + Harald

Pakal IIHarald Sigurdsson

Let’s say that Harald’s average skill cycle is 8 seconds and thanks to the 4th skill, “Stamford Bridge”,  you have a 20% chance of casting the active skill again each turn, with a cooldown of  5 seconds.

By the time that Pakal clears the defense malus, Harald will fire off 3 to 4 active skills and therefore apply around 4 stacks, resulting in 20% attack buff and -20% defense debuff. Considering the skills being fired always in the same points, in a perfect world you would average about 10% overall defense debuff in that timeframe. That’s it. No -75% defense anymore but probably just an overall -10% defense.

Considering that Pakal has an extra 30% health buff on his second skill, this might be one of the most balanced health-defense rallying combo ever.

Will Pakal’s third skill, together with his bulkiness and the overall anti-swarm technology represent a good pair for Harald and potentially become part of the rally metagame?

From the battle log, the “Divine Sovreignity” skill effect activated 7 times in 90 turns, for an average of one time every 13 turns. So, one time every 13 turns, Pakal was clearing the debuff on Harald’s defense.

Not speaking about the fact that Pakal has a great deal of extra counterattack damage and Harald does too. And besides, Pakal also compensates with a good amount of health the all-in attack technology that Harald has and he also takes decreased damage when swarmed. And infantry is not cavalry, or archers, which normally are less resistant to swarms in general.

This combo, together with Guan Yu and Pakal, has had the best result after the tests.

Guan Yu + Pakal

Guan YuPakal II

We thought of Pakal to be a good balance to Guan Yu’s attack capabilities, and in fact, this rally is really not bad at all. It might even has better results when equipped properly.

The only problem with this combo is that you don’t have any way to counter Zenobia’s healing other than the silencing,

Pakal + Alex

Pakal II

We received a bit less damage but we also dealt a bit less damage comparing to the previous test, Guan and Pakal.

Overall, this combo might be promising if used with the right support skills, also because many players already have Alexander maxed out. It is surely worth a shot. Not exceptional, but not bad either.

Pakal + Cheok Jun-gyeong

Pakal IICheok Jun-Gyeong

Probably this was one of the worst according to our Pakal pairing tests.

Definitely not a good synergy between the two commanders, at least not in the rally situation.

This is surprising because most of the time, same-generation commanders go very well along together.


The best ones are Pakal IIHarald Sigurdsson Pakal + Harald and Guan YuPakal II Guan Yu + Pakal.

Should you use this rally against Zenobia?

Probably yes, as a tanking rally, so in a situation where you are double-rallying a flag or a structure.

However, I still believe that the best one yet is xiang yu Xiang Yu and Chandragupta Maurya Chandragupta at the moment. On a side note, I would also say that Ramesses + Nebu is excellent, but unfortunately they are threatened a lot by Jadwiga that can easily be sneaked in a flag and totally destroy your rally.

Rally leaders should really consider using Pakal and Harald, especially in the Season of Conquest KvK where you can use a Boudica support skill, giving a great amount of healing every time you cast a skill, and with Harald that is only going to be an advantage.

Pakal IIHarald Sigurdsson Pakal + Harald is probably also very difficult to counterrally, considering the amount of anti-swarm technology on both commanders, the extra counterattack damage being a very big deal and the damage taken reduction if you get swarmed. Definitely a very strong rally.

Best Equipment for Pakal

Considering that Pakal is clearing the debuff,  I would still go for some health!

Equipment Delay time Stats
Sakura Fubuki 40 Days Infantry Attack +13%
Witch’s Lineage 72 Days Infantry Attack +8%
Quinn’s Soul 48 Days Infantry Attack +8%
Seth's Brutality 32 Days Infantry Defense +5.5%
Karuak's Humility 48 Days Infantry Health + 8%
Frost Treads 32 Days Infantry Defense +5.5%
Total 272 Days Attack + 29%

Defense + 11%

Health +8%

Shared by Wick Gaming

PAKAL FULL TESTING & ANALYSIS: New Meta? [With Reports] - Rise of Kingdoms

Want This So Bad [ Pakal and CJG ]  | Rise of Kingdoms

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