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Kingdom Title Buffs Guide & Tips

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are many Kingdom Title buffs that benefit or even harm governors. To progress further and faster in the game, you simply just cannot ignore them!

Kingdom Title Buffs Beginner's Guide

What is title buff? How to use it effectively?

These title buffs can be given by the King, Queen, General, or Prime Minister to all players in the kingdom. Titles do not have the limit of use or reuse. Whenever you want, you can request for the title and take advantage of the buffs regarding researching speed, building speed, training speed and other benefits.

Each title must always be requested before taking the action for it to take effect.

For example: If you want to upgrade a high-level building, before doing so, you can request for the title of Architect. Once you’ve granted the title, start the upgrade to have the time reduction, Do the same thing with troop training, technological research, and troops healing. Titles will give no effect if applied after you start the training, researching, building, healing, etc.

To take the advantage of these titles even more, you should collect a rune corresponding to the task that we are going to perform, thus reducing the time of the progress and like the title, they only work before performing the action.

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We can also take advantage of the King skill which increases the speed for these tasks.

How to request a Kingdom title easily, quickly, and effectively?

  1. Zoom out until you see your city comlpletely.
  2. Tap on your city, then establish a personal Bookmark and write the Title you are looking to request, for example: Duke Please
  3. When confirming the marker, it will automatically be saved in the general marker tab and you can search for it to share it in the Kingdom or Alliance chat where the person in charge of granting the titles is located, so the request and the coordinate of your city will arrive.

You can also do it in a simple way by sharing the city coordinate and then writing the Title request.

Just remember to always share your city coordinate so that they can assign the Title faster and easier.

Just do not despair if the Title does not arrive quickly! Sometimes the managers (players like us) are offline or simply someone is using the title already and you are in line, so be patient.

Complete Kingdom Title List

Titles Buffs
King Troops Attack +5%
Troops Defense +5%
Troops health +5%
Queen Gathering Speed +15%
General Troops Attack +5%
Troops Defense +5%
Prime Minister Resource Production +15%
Building Speed +10%
Justice Troops Attack +5%
March Speed +10%
Duke Troops Defense +5%
Training Speed +10%
Architect Building Speed +10%
Scientist Research speed +5%
Gold Gathering Speed +10%
Traitor Troops Attack -3%
Troops Defense -3%
Beggar Resource Production -10%
Exile Troops Defense -5%
Slave Troops Health -5%
Sluggard March Speed -5%
Training Speed -5%
Fool Building Speed -5%
Research Speed -5%

As you can see, not all of the titles are good. There are those that harm players in terms of the debuffs they have. These titles are mostly assigned to players who are toxic or who commit rule violations in the kingdom. They are not titles to ask for or request 😊.

The King is the only one who can assign the titles of: Queen, General, and Prime Minister.

Always remember: when you are done with the Title, inform the person who gave it to you so that they can give it to another player who is waiting, thank them with a nice message, be polite.

If I Was a Duke Title Giver in Rise of Kingdoms

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