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Keira – The Red Chamelon

Keira is an Epic Commander that we can obtain for free in the “Ceroli Crisis” event by exchanging the rewards for her sculptures. For F2P players, she is highly recommended. Thanks to her versatility, we can “Chain Farming”, defeat many neutral units, fight in open-field and participate in many PVE events where Keira develops best.

keira Rise of Kingdoms


Rarity: Epic
Other Nations Other | The Red Chamelon
ArcherArcher | Peace Keeping Peacekeeping | SkillSkill



  • Keira can be only obtained via the Ceroli Crisis shop.
  • Players cannot spend Epic Commander Sculpture Universal Sculptures on upgrading her skills.

Advantages and Disadvantages


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  • Excellent commander for events like “Ceroli Crisis” and “Ian’s Ballads”, very versatile.
  • Great damage skill in AOE.
  • A great epic archer commander for PVE.


  • When used in PVP some of its important skill buff will stop working.
  • It doesn’t have a great resistance for PVP battles.
  • Has no healing factor.

Keira’s Skills

Skill Description
Dance of the Flametongue Deals damage to 3 enemies at max in a forward-facing fan-shaped area. The damage will be reduced by 15% for each additional enemy.

Upgrades: Direct Damage Factor: 500/600/700/800/1000

Allies or Enemies? Keira’s army will deal extra damage to Barbarians and other neutral units. If it’s during Ceroli Crisis or Ian’s Ballads, they will deal 5% more damage


  • Bonus Damage To Barbarians: 5%/10%/17%/25%/35%
  • Damage Bonus: 5%/10%/17%/25%/35%
Ceroli Sharpshooter Increases attack and defense of archer units in the army.


  • Archer Attack Bonus: 4%/5%/6%/8%/10%
  • Archer Defense Bonus: 4%/5%/6%/8%/10%
The Mutineer Normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase the Skill Damage dealt to the enemies by 30% for 3 seconds. During “Ceroli Crisis” and “Ian’s Ballads”, targets will receive 50% more from Skill Damage.


  • Skill Damage Taken Increased: 30%/40%/50%/60%/80%
  • Increased Skill Damage Taken (Scenario Battle): 50%/70%/90%/120%/150%
Undying Flames Enemies that are damaged by the Dance of the Flametoungue skill will take additional continuous damage (Damage Factor 200) for 2 seconds.

  • Dance of the Flametongue: Even though there are some damage reductions when she is targeting more than 1 enemy, this is a pretty decent skill in terms of damage. It does an extra 200 damage per second for 2 seconds when you have the Expertise unlocked.
  • Allies or Enemies? Getting extra damage for Barbarians & neutral units is always something excellent for F2P Players! Now you can do a lot better in Ceoli Crisis even when you don’t have Legendary commanders with high nuking damage.
  • Ceroli Sharpshooter: Very decent but we just can’t complain much for an Epic commander.
  • The Mutineer: Increasing damage by 150% more is pretty crazy. This is her signature skill and definitely the best one you want to aim for while building up her skills. 10% is actually not low at all when you are farming Barbarians all day long on the field.

Talent Tree Builds for Keira

Peacekeeping Build (Chain-Farming Barbarian)

keira peacekeeing talent tree build

Peace Keeping Peacekeeping Talents

  • Quick Study Quick Study: Increases experience obtained from defeating barbarians and other neutral units by 15%. A great talent that will improve the XP gain obtained from Keira and her pairing.
  • Insight Insight: Reduces action points cost to attack barbarians and other neutral units by 9%. Essential Talent to reduce AP consumption when attacking Barbarian units.
  • Killer Instinct: Increases normal attack damage dealt to barbarian and other neutral units by 9%. Genius talent for more effective elimination of barbarians.
  • Domination: Increases skill damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 15%. Great Damage Skill Increase.
  • Double-Edged Sword: Increases damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 15%, but also increases damage taken from these units by 15%. Like its name Double-Edged, although it increases the damage we cause to neutral units and that we receive. Increases the healing effects of our troops by 15% that can be provided by any secondary commander, even Keira herself with her latest talent “Curing Chant
  • Curning Chant Curing Chant: Heals a portion of slightly wounded units (healing factor 500) after defeating barbarians or other neutral units. We gained a new ability that will provide excellent healing to our troops after defeating neutral units, it will even be improved by “Dobule-Edged Sword”.

Skill Skill Talents

  • Heraldic Shield Heraldic Shield: Reduces skill damage taken by 6%. In events like “Ceroli Crisis” and “Ian Ballads” the bosses will have a great damage skill; this talent is excellent for the confrontation of these.
  • burning blood Burning Blood: Normal attacks grant an additional 9 rage.
  • Tactical Mastery Tactical Mastery: Increases active skill damage by 3%. ¡Excellent! + DPS.
  • All for One All for One: After the primary commander uses a skill, active skill damage of the secondary commander is increased by 6%. Keira with this talent improves the active skill of its secondary commander in damage.
  • Clarity Clarity: After using an active skill, increases skill damage by 6% for the next 6 seconds. Great!
  • Rejuvenate Rejuvenate: Instantly restores 60 rage whenever a skill is used. Excellent talent to continue taking advantage of “Clarity” during battle.

Archer Archer Talents

  • This time we will not use any of the talents of “Archer

This build is focused on “Peacekeeping” defeating barbarian and neutral units on the map or some events, it is also the most effective if we want to do Chain-Farming Barbarians since Keira has a great damage skill in AOE and is very effective for this task.

Skill Build (Events)

keira skill talent tree builds

This alternative Build focuses Keira’s damage to her combat skill, at all times it will be effective thanks to the increase in this damage per skill and its rapid rage regeneration, in addition to having some resistances that will be essential for events in which Keira is specialist (Ceroli Crisis & Ian’s Ballads)

Skill Skill Talents

  • Latent Power Latent Power: Enhanced additional skill damage by 6%. “Latent Power” + “Tactical Mastery” = +9% additional skill damage.
  • Feral Nature Feral Nature: Normal attacks have a 10% chance to grant an additional 100 rage. Although it’s a probability, it has a lot of importance in the Keira attacks, “Dance of Flametongue” will be more continuous quickly causing many casualties to our enemies

Archer Build (Events)

keira archer talent tree

As a last alternative, we have the build by specialty of Keira, Archer.

This Build increases the resistances and improvements of the troops under the command of Keira who must be archers at all times to have strong buff and debuff caused to the enemy.

This is a build very versatile since we can use it in both PVP and PVE (although we do not recommend using Keira as a primary commander for PVP)

Archer Archer Talents

  • arrow nocked Arrows Nocked: When the army led by this commander has been reduced to 50% strength, increases all attack troops by 9%. By losing 50% of our troops, we will gain 9% damage in the remaining ones, thus balancing our attack-loss.
  • rapid fire Rapid Fire: Increases normal attack damage of all troops led by this commander by 1.5%. Good.
  • armed and armored Armed and Armored: Increases health of archer units by 3%. Our archers will be much more resistant.
  • thumb ring Thumb Ring: Archer units led by this commander deal an additional 9% damage to infantry units. Keira will be unstoppable when facing commanders and infantry units.
  • Venomous Sting Venomous Sting: Increases active skill damage of primary and secondary commanders by 8%. “Latent Power” + “Tactical Mastery” + “Clarity” + = 23% Additional Skill Damage.
  • phoenix-tail arrows PhoenixTail Arrows: When the army led by this commander contains only archer units, normal attacks have a 10% chance to trigger an additional attack (Damage Factor 200) on target. Good talent, direct damage per probability that increases our DPS in events and open-field.
  • whistling arrows Whistling Arrows: When the army led by this commander contains only archer units, normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase all damage dealt by 25% for the next 2 seconds. If luck accompanies us with this probability, Keira will defeat enemies much faster

Best Commanders Pairings for Keira

Yi Seong-Gye One of the most effective Rise of Kingdoms commanders for any task, his great AOE damage capacity at the same time specialized in leading archer units, along with Keira will be an absolute combo for any PVE event they face as “Ian’s Ballads” or “Ceroli Crisis”, even for open-field PVP, the damage done by both is excellent thanks to their great damage skill.
richard Richard as a robust infantry commander will give Keira and her archers a ton of stamina when engaging neutral units in open-field or PVE events. Richard has a great healing factor and a great defense ideal to stay in the field for a long time facing and defeating barbarians. A great pair for PVE in which we can take advantage of the AOE damage to do “chain-farming barbarians.
ramesses A powerful archer commander, specialized in dealing damage through buff and debuff. Ramses with Keira is an excellent pairing for PVP and PVE, the improvements that these provide to their units are great and as a combination for Archer players it is a great option.
Aethelflaed A legendary F2P commander that is extremely versatile and good for any task, one of the best options for any barbarian event or chain-farming thanks to its damage per skill in AOE capable of weakening any enemy, even destroying barbarian forts.

Recommended Equipment for Keira

staff of the lost 18 Days Archer Defense +8%

Infantry Defense +5%

Cavalry Defense +3%

Helm of Phoenix 2.5 Days Archer Defense +4%

Infantry Health +2%

Commander's Heavy Armor 12 Days Archer Health +6%

Infantry Attack +3%

Saint's Song 8 Days Archer Attack +4%

Cavalry Attack +2%

Greaves of the Exile 12 Days Archer Defense +6%

Infantry Defense + 3%

edged boots 0.75 Days Archer Attack +2.5%

Cavalry Attack +1%

Total 54.25 Days Attack + 6.5%

Defense + 18%

Health +6%

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