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Karuak Ceremony Guide & Tips

In this guide, we will give you the best tips for defeating the highest level of boss in the Karuak Ceremony Event in Rise of Kingdoms and obtain a huge amount of rewards!

Karuak Ceremony Rise of Kingdoms

What is Karuak Ceremony?

The Karuak Ceremony” is one of the most varied and enjoyable events of Rise of Kingdoms due to the huge rewards and the forms of interactions it offers. During this event, players need to summon a challenger and keep defeating it for the rewards.

To F2P players, it is super important to achieve the highest possible level in Karuak to obtain the best rewards, including Legendary Commander Sculpture Golden Sculptures.

The event has a duration of 4 days where we must summon a challenger that varies its strength depending on the difficulty you choose Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Hell

The Karuak Ceremony Rise of Kingdoms

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The Karuak Ceremony Event Rules

  • Before the beginning of the ceremony, the challenger must choose a difficulty. Greater rewards will be received for completing challenges at higher difficulties, but once the challenger has chosen a difficulty, it cannot be changed for the remainder of the ceremony.
  • Usually, challengers may only participate in the ceremony by launching a regular attack or rally attack, and other governors cannot provide assistance. However, if the challenger sends out a call for help, allies wo wishes to provide assistance will be able to launch a rally attack. Calling for help will expend a Mark of the Karuak-these items are extremely rare, so use them wisely.
  • If a rally attack is launched to complete a challenge, additional reinforcements cannot be sent after the rallied army has departed.
  • Governors who help their allies complete a challenge will occasionally be rewarded with a Mark of the Karuak. However, the probability of receiving such a rare item is quite low.
  • At the start of the ceremony, all governors will receive five Marks of the Karuak. Unused marks will be reclaimed at the end of the ceremony.
  • At the end of the ceremony, governors will receive an occult treasure corresponding to the highest-level challenge they completed during the ceremony.

Karuak Ceremony Individual Challenger

By choosing the difficulty of the event, you then will be able to summon 50 levels of the challenger and you will have to defeat them one by one. The target will become stronger after every time you defeat it.

The enemies provide a huge amount of experience to our commanders, a lot of more than what you can get from farming Barbarians.

Players can attack the target using with as many dispatches as possible. Also, as mentioned in the rules section, you can ask for helps or launch our own rally to the targets.

Every 10 levels, there will be an Elite Challenger, which is much stronger than the normal ones but they offer tons of rewards and commander EXP.

It costs 100 Action Point AP every time you summon the mob.

In addition, to attack the target, we also need to spend 50 Action Point points (or 40 Action Point for “Peacekeeping” commanders).

It means that you need 5000 Action Point AP for summoning the enemies. Therefore, it is important to reserve some AP for Karuak Ceremony or take advantage of the AP regeneration runes.

Tips to win Karuak Ceremony

  • Use the best commanders you have, whether resistant or damage, no matter who you choose, the main objective is to defeat as many challengers as possible.
  • Use any rune of either Defense, Attack or Health.
  • Use the buffs enhanced defense buffenhanced attackEnhanced Attack/Defense“.
  • Use only one army to defeat the enemies while you can. Only use additional dispatches to attack if you cannot solo the opponent.
  • You can launch a rally to the challenger and attack it same time with the remaining troops. To do this, you need to launch the rally on your own, not through the Help button.
  • If you want to do the event without helps from anyone, assuming that you use multiple dispatches to attack the target, you can simply just send the dispatches to the target over and over again to keep fighting and maintaining the damage on it. Note that the expense of AP could be enormous.
  • If at some levels, your dispatches are not strong enough to win, you can just launch a Rally to the target. You can even ask for help from the Alliance members and they will do the rally for you. This will consume a Mark of the Karuak.
  • Helping your allies is also important because you can earn tons of rewards as well as the Mark of the Karuak.
Rewards for Helping Allies in Karuak Ceremony
Rewards for Helping Allies in Karuak Ceremony


Here are the individual rewards for beating the last challenger on every difficulty

Difficulty Rewards
Easy x700 x80  x10 x3 x4
Normal x1100 x120  x15 x6 x5
Hard x1500 x160  x20 x7 x10
Nightmare x1900 x200  x25 x9 x12
Hell x2500 x250  x30 x12 x15

Individual rewards for Elite challengers.

Karuak Ceremony Alliance Challenger

By overcoming individual levels of “The Karuak Ceremony“, players will unlock some event bosses that can be defeated by the Alliance members. They give other random and individual rewards for each member who participates in the attacks.

There are 5 bosses in total but we must meet some requirements!

Bosses Unlocked At Reward

“First of Blades” Andaal

At least 15 alliance members must have completed Challenge 15 on NORMAL difficulty or higher x1





Bearkeeper Lukor

At least 20 alliance members must have completed Challenge 20 on HARD difficulty or higher. x1





Shield Chieftain Murdos

At least 25 alliance members must have completed Challenge 40 on HARD difficulty or higher.







Vodoo Priest Pache

At least 30 alliance members must have completed Challenge 30 on NIGHTMARE difficulty or higher. x1





Solor Por

At least 35 alliance members must have completed Challenge 35 on HELL difficulty or higher. x1





Only the Alliance Leader and officers can summon each of these bosses near their city where all the members of the Alliance will be able to participate, each member can only hit the boss with only 1 dispatch.

The mechanics of the bosses are quite simple, we only need the participation of as many members as possible to defeat them.

The last two bosses Vodoo Priest Pache and Solon Por are the most difficult since they have healings.

Some have the debuffs that affect the enemies around them and regain strength whenever an army is defeated, therefore it is important to survive and keep some other armies close to exchange it for the wounded, never let your army die before any of these leaders, withdraw them in time and everyone will be able to win.

The rewards of each of these bosses are by probability, we will not always get what we want, but any of these probabilities is very good. Only members who participate in the attack will have a chance to win these great prizes.


The Karuak Ceremony” is one of the best events for all players in Rise of Kingdoms, both are able to complete all levels and reach the best rewards without any problems.

Players just have to dedicate some effort, asking for help from our allies if you cannot defeat the enemies, and don’t forget to help your Alliance members nonstop because the amount of rewards you can get from this event is huge!

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