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7/7 Update & Optimizations

For all the people out there who suffers from figuring out what the update was about, here are some of the most notable changes in the today Rise of Kingdoms update (July 7th 2020)

Rise of Kingdoms July 7 Changes

Rise of Kingdoms July 7 Optimizations

  1. Troops training and collecting audio change. RSS collecting audio change.
  2. Can skip sunset canyon fight scene.
  3. King skills went live and there are 3 in total.
  4. Barbarians, structures, RSS tile has labels on them.
  5. Theodora skill not fixed.
  6. All the available commanders now talk and Artis’s voice is not cute.
  7. R5 and R4 can check individual honor of alliances members.
  8. 4 new City skin. One requires grinding, 1 from lucerne scroll and last 2 skin is for Osiris League 3 (not coming anytime soon)
  9. System mails show a down icon of you have too many stuff yet to be collected.

King Skill info:

  1. King’s imprison skill lasts 15m with a 4m cool down before it can be used again.
  2. Tax skill costs 4k gems and only provides 10m each rss excluding gems.
  3. Troops buff range is similar to Joan of Arc AoE buff.

Stuff that won’t be available till next week:


Feel free to comment down below if I missed anything oh and a photo collage to show some of the cool stuff.

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