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How to Teleport in Rise of Kingdoms

In this guide I’m going to show you guys how to use your Teleports in Rise of Kingdoms.

In Rise of Kingdoms, there is a kind of items called “Teleport” which helps you move your City to anywhere you want around the Kingdom.

teleport in rise of kingdoms
Using a Teleport in Rise of Kingdoms

beginner teleport

Beginner’s Teleport

Go to your Items → Others and you will see the Beginner’s Teleport located there.

At the very beginning of the game, you will receive the Beginner’s Teleport. It only lasts for 10 days. You can use it to move your City Hall to anywhere in the kingdom or even to the different Kingdom.

Teleport to the Alliance territory

Once you guys have joined an alliance, the Alliance always requires you to teleport to the Alliance territory.

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In order to find your Alliance territory, zoom out of the map and you will be able to find a group of Blue castles located on the map. Also, If you are in a new Kingdom and it is currently covered by fog, your Alliance territory is not.

Once you have found the Alliance territory, you can move your City Hall there using the Beginner’s Teleport or any other Teleport you have (except the Random Teleport).

You can’t teleport if:

  • There is any structure too close to the place.
  • There are Barbarians nearby the place.
  • The place is still covered by fog.

teleport rise of kingdoms

When you are able to teleport, you will see a green circle on the ground instead of the red one.

Teleport to another Kingdom.

You also use the Beginner’s Teleport to teleport to another Kingdom.

Governor, you must meet the following requirements to teleport into a new kingdom:

  1. Your City Hall must be no higher than level 7.
  2. There is one Beginner’s Teleport available in your Bag.
  3. All of the march queues are idle
  4. Not being in any battle.
  5. There is no reinforcements in city.
  6. Have no more than 2 characters in the new Kingdom after teleporting.
  7. You are not in any Alliance.

After teleporting, the game will restart and your City Hall will be spawn in a random location in the new Kingdom.

If your City Hall is above level 16 and you want to move to another Kingdom, check out this guide.

How to use the other Teleports?

There are 3 other Teleports in Rise of Kingdoms and their uses are very similar to the Beginner’s Teleport. However, they cannot teleport your City to another Kingdom.

Item Description Where to get?
random teleport

Random Teleport

Can be used to teleport your City to a random location in the Kingdom.
  • Gem Shop
terriotoral teleport

Territorial Teleport

Can be used to teleport your City to any location in your Alliance’s Territory in the Kingdom.
  • Gem Shop
  • Mysterious Merchant
Targeted Teleport

Targeted Teleport

Can be used to teleport your City to any location on the map.
  • Gem Shop
  • Mysterious Merchant
  • Era Breakthrough event
  • VIP Shop


In order to teleport successfully within the Kingdom, here are the requirements:

  • You don’t have any Commander queue running.
  • You are not fighting against any rallied army.

How to Teleport Official Guide [ Beginner

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