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Best Infantry Commanders

If you are focusing on this type of unit, here are the best 5 infantry commanders for you!

The Infantry infantry is the most defensive unit in Rise of Kingdoms. Its main strength is based on defense and its fighting mechanics are focused on Open-field and Garrison.

Infantry is known as the best unit for free players.

infantry commanders Rise of Kingdoms

Advantages of the Infantry Commanders

  • Most of these commanders are characterized by having great resistance, damage reduction, and a lot of defense.
  • Excellent unit for PVP (Open-field and Defend Garrisons)
  • The most defensive commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.
  • Their talent trees are focused on defense and attack that they can cause to their enemies.
  • The most recommended unit and commanders to defend Garrisons.

Best Infantry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

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Alexander The Great

One of the best offensive-defensive commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, Alexander is an excellent fighter for open-field, thanks to his great resistance buff, damage absorption, and above all, the strong impact he has as an attacker against any enemy.

His talents and skills are focused on a tradition as a great leader in the history of the world!

All the infantry units under his leadership will have the best performance and the ultimate protection from him.

Without a doubt, he is a monster.

Why choose Alexander The Great?

  • Great defense and damage absorption.
  • Strong healing reduction.
  • Excellent physical attack.
  • Great support to nearby allied troops.
  • Excellent commander for open-field.

Guan Yu

Very good commander specialized in leading infantry.

Guan Yu is a very versatile leader who has excellent AOE skill damage. He has skills and talents specialized in attacking garrisons and unique in his type of being infantry commander. All of the troops under his commander will have a perfect performance for Open-field as well.

Guan Yu has a strong healing factor that makes him much more resistant, helping him recover troops during battle. He is a leader specialized in infantry and PVP combat, for both open-field and Rally.

Why choose Guan Yu?

  • Great AOE damage skill.
  • Great healing factor.
  • Excellent buff for infantry units.
  • Great commander for open-field.

Leonidas I

An extremely defensive infantry commander, thanks to his skills and talents.

Leonidas I has a great versatility of skills that allow him to improve the defense of troops at every moment during the battle.

He also has an AOE damage skill that causes a great debuff towards the enemies and can be destructive in any fight.

Each troop under his leadership will be a powerful rival to face, A commander that is made for victory!

Why choose Leonidas I?

  • Extremely defensive commander.
  • Excellent defensive buffs for infantry.
  • Damage skill in AOE, applying a powerful debuff to enemies and buff to his own troops.
  • Great commander for open-field.

Charles Martel

A powerful Infantry Commander that offers the strongest robust defense in Rise of Kingdoms.

Charles Martel is a commander focused on PVP, both in defending garrisons and attacking in open-field.

The latter is one of his powerful forms of fighting since Martel has a huge defensive resistance and at the same time improves each precise attack of the infantry under his command.

He has a great absorption of damage in addition to a counterattack, one of the best in the game.

Why choose Charles Martel?

  • Excellent defensive commander.
  • Excellent defensive buffs for infantry.
  • Great damage absorption.
  • Excellent counterattack.
  • Great commander for open-field and garrisons.

Constantine I

Great infantry leader, made for PVP battles, especially in leading Garrisons.

Constantine I is one of the best defensive commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and the leading garrison ability is given to him almost perfectly, thanks to his absolute defense and great healing factor, also this can be exploited in open-field.

His robust defense and healing factor are impressive. He has very defensive talents and skills, especially when leading garrisons.

Why choose Constantine I?

  • Great defense.
  • Excellent healing factor
  • Specialist in leading Garrisons.
  • Great damage reduction to both normal attack and skill.
  • Great buff for infantry.


Above are our top 5 infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, one of the safest units in the game due to their defense and resistance, as well as PVP combat mechanics.

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At the moment, all infantry commanders are very impressive and each of them fulfills their role in Rise of Kingdoms perfectly.

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