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Easiest Ways to Increase Power Fast

If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms and finding the easiest ways to increase power fast, we have got some quick and easy-to-follow tips for you!

gain power Rise of Kingdoms

How to Increase Power Fast in Rise of Kingdoms

Gather a lot of resources!

Resources are very important is very crucial! Having resources will allow you to upgrade your buildings, research, and train troops!

You want to gather not only resources in your city but also on the map as well!

Scrolling through your commander list, you will see commanders that have the gathering attribute.

With that gathering attribute, you will also want to work on the gathering talent tree to further increase the speed!

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gathering commander

When working on your gatherers, just go ahead and unlock the gathering skills (the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th skill). You don’t need to max out the first skill first. Check out the 3-star trick to unlock 3 skills at once! You want to get them to level 40 as soon as possible to max out the Gathering talent tree!

Don’t hesitate to always use the enhanced gathering enhanced gathering for gaining 50% gathering speed. You always can buy it at a very cheap price.

Remember to always gather inside your alliance territory as it helps you gather 25% faster!

resource tokens
Resource Tokens

You are also collecting the resource tokens as you play the game. I recommend not opening them up because if you open all of the tokens, somebody can just raid you when they see you have a lot of resources and you don’t have a very good defense!

Another item that we need to talk about is the resource boost production in your city!

production boost

I recommend starting using this type of item after your City Hall hits level 10. Make sure that you often check on your city and collect the resources that are being produced because if you just let it sit there it’s just going to accumulate and cap out!

Create Jumper Account

Read more: Jumper Guide

You can actually jump start ahead other players in the server!

When you first turn into the game, the game is going to put you in a certain kingdom!

Create a new account and go to one of the old kingdoms where your friends are playing, or make some friends on Discord, and start from there!

beginner teleport

The key thing in here is the Beginner’s Teleport! Keep at least one of these in your inventory! Do not upgrade your City Hall to level 9 as well because you will lose it.

There’s also a countdown of 9 days.

You need to be powering up within 9 days and do not upgrade your City Hall past level eight! Just keep training your troops, working researches until you maxed everything out and you’ll get ahead of everybody in the kingdom/server you are moving to!

Tap on the World icon, go and find the latest kingdom to migrate! Simply click Teleport to move to there!

teleport rise of kingdoms

Don’t forget to ask for joining to top Alliances where you can have a lot of powerful allies and earn free Alliance chests as they purchase the bundles every day.

Create Mini Account

Another thing you can do to succeed in Rise of Kingdoms is to create a mini account!

If you haven’t done this yet,  click your profile, go to settings, and then go to the character management to create a farm account in the same kingdom (server)!

creating new character
How to create new Character

Although the game only allows you to create 2 accounts in the same kingdom (server), you can actually create and play multiple accounts at once.

Make sure that you level your Trading Post up as high as you can to transfer the resources to your main account with less tax/fee.

Work on that as soon as possible! Do it in the early game because you don’t want to be missing out on all these potential resources so that your main account can gain power faster!

Use Your Action Points!

Action points regenerate over time.

Go and attack Barbarians to spend your action points! Don’t let it cap out because you’re missing out the opportunity to gain resources and as well as leveling up your commanders for free!

magic box rewards
Magic Box Rewards

You want your commanders to get to level 60 commanders as soon as possible so that they can get the max potentials and gain your power overall!

Defeating barbarians gives a lot of speed-ups, resources, XP books, Gems, and even more if you use Peacekeeping commanders to attack them.

So consume your free action point every day then gather whenever you go idle.

daily rewards

Do your daily objectives!

Every time you do your daily objectives, you’re getting a lot of valuable rewards and action point recovery, which is going to help you to have more AP to farm Barbarians as mentioned in the previous section. In the long run, you can use these AP in a lot of Rise of Kingdoms events in the future!

magic box rewards
Magic Box Rewards

You also you get really good rewards from the Magic Box just by doing your daily activities!

Do Expedition and Hunt Rewards

Work on the Expedition mode right away get this done as further as you can! The further that you can get in the Expedition, the more medals, XP Books, and other rewards you’re going to get every day! You will soon unlock a free legendary commander, Aetheflaed, who will help you progress in the game a lot easier!

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc
medal store expedition
Get all of the commanders & items in the Expedition for free!

Every week, the featured commander in the Medal Store is changed so you can choose the commanders you want to focus on!

Once your City Hall has reached level 16, you should be able to go to the Sunset Canyon and start doing challenges here!

No matter you win or lose, you are going to get some rewards so you should be doing this daily and get those rewards right away!

sunset canyon rewards

You also want to work on the Barbarian camps and keeps to get equipment materials and a lot of other rewards!

Save Items for Events!

It’s actually good to save your resources tokens and your speedups.

When there’s an event like Game of Power, where you need to upgrade your power to complete with other players in the leaderboard. Who gains more power will receive more rewards.

As a new player, you might be able to just start with a little bit of power slowly but you need to hoard your items and then power up during events when you are ready and try to place yourself in a decent position, at least top 50 of the kingdom. This will give you some Legendary Commander Sculpture commander sculptures,  Dazzling Starlight Sculpture startlights, Gem gems, and even legendary commanders!

alliance gifts

Get in a Top Alliance!

Try to get in a top alliance that spends into the game. You can get a lot of great chest rewards and like Gems, Speedups, VIP Points, etc. from players purchasing bundles.

8 Tips to Gain Power Fast for free to play (F2P) in rok | Rise of Kingdoms

Above are our best tips for you to gain a lot of power quickly in a short period of time when you first start playin Rise of Kingdoms! If you don’t understand any part, or have any question, feel free to comment down below and let us know!

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