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Immigration Regulation Adjustments (July 2019)


Greetings Governor,

Since its release, the immigration system has allowed countless governors to relocate to a more suitable kingdom, whether to play with friends, seek out stronger competition, or simply experience a new environment.

With the start of the Lost Kingdom series of events, we have begun to receive feedback from governors concerning the effects of immigration on this cross-kingdom event.

As our team has begun designing additional cross-kingdom events for future updates, we too have noticed the potential imbalances immigration can cause.

After more than a month of painstaking analysis and modeling, we have determined that it will be necessary to adjust the current immigration regulations as follows:

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  1. Immigration into kingdoms participating in Lost Kingdom events (including the “Eve of the Crusade” events) will no longer be allowed. Governors in these kingdoms will still be able to emigrate away.
  2. The lowest maximum power limit will be increased to 25 million, and the number of Passports required for immigration will be calculated based on the governor’s individual power (currently the number of Passports required is calculated based on the governor’s projected power ranking in the destination kingdom). We have found that the current regulations lent potential immigrants with few options. Given that immigration for each new kingdom opens after 90 days, we believe that these adjustments will provide greater freedom to potential immigrants while still keeping the power of immigrants at a reasonable level.
  3. Immigration into the 32 most powerful kingdoms (overall power of a kingdom is calculated as the combined power of that kingdom’s 100 most powerful commanders) will be temporarily restricted. Governors in these kingdoms will still be able to emigrate away. This decision was made in part to ensure fair and exciting competition during the upcoming Osiris League, whose initial batch of competitors will be drawn from these 32 kingdoms.

We will continue to monitor and adjust these regulations as additional cross-kingdom competitions are launched in future updates, and will notify all governors about upcoming adjustments via system mail.

Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms!

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