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Ian’s Ballads Event

During the Rise of Kingdoms Ian’s Ballads event, all players above City Hall Lvl. 16 can invite 3 other friends to fight in a huge war against the Barbarians and 3 bosses. Defeating all of the bosses to acquire super rare blueprints and materials.

Rise of Kingdoms Ian's Ballads Event

Ian’s Ballads Event Summary

There are 5 difficulties in total:

  • Easy: City Hall 16 & Power above 1,000,000
  • Normal: City Hall 18 & Power 2,500,000
  • Hard: City Hall 21 & Power above 5,000,000
  • Nightmare: City Hall 23 & Power above 12,000,000
  • Hell: City Hall 25 & Power above 25,000,000.

Players have 2 hours to defeat the enemies and get the rewards.

The reward is one-time. You can only get it one per every time event hosted. Thus, go to the highest difficulty you could beat.

Basically you only need 1 tank commander and the others can be nukers (DPS). Cavalry commanders are pretty good here as they can move out of the battle fast and they have decent damage.

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Using Army Expansion is recommended.

heal button

Even the normal troops in this event are actually very powerful. That’s why you are given a special ability here. It’s to heal up immediately after the battle by settling a camp via the healing button (bottom right).

As long as no teammates are in the battle, you can heal.

Ian’s Ballads Trick

This cool trick is shared by 徐國方. You can actually get to the Ian’s Ballads bosses without having to defeat the Barbarians on the map. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. One player uses Cao Cao + Minamoto combo or any mobility combo that provides high march speed.
  2. Pull all of the Barbarians (remember to activate Campsites – checkpoint) from the starting position till the boss.
  3. While the first player is attracting and pulling the enemies, the allies get to the first Campsites and stay there waiting, without getting targeted by the Barbarians.
  4. Once the first player has gathered all of the Barbarians (until the boss), slowly and carefully drag them to the original gate, fight them, and get defeated. However, you will respawn at the checkpoint mentioned above.
  5. Quickly get to the boss before the Barbarians get back to their original positions.
  6. Defeat the Boss.

Check the gif below for more details!

Quick Strategies:

  • Pull the enemies and kill them one by one is the best strategy.
  • Always remember to fully heal up before attacking next target.
  • The first boss is straight-forward and there is no fancy effect.
  • The second boss can summon the bears next to him but just ignore them. Just have 1 player tanking while other players focusing on dealing damage to him. The troops he summons are actually pretty weak so they will just kill themselves quickly.
  • The final boss is the craziest one. If one army is defeated, she will increase her damage by 200% and heal 20% of her troops immediately. So you don’t want to die here! She summons the totems that heal her troops, so you want to take that down immediately when you see it.

Annoying Debuff

annoying debuffs

The most annoying thing you face while doing this event is that the enemies will stack a debuff on your dispatch and you don’t want them to stack more than 15 times. Otherwise, your troops will die insanely fast.

To remove the debuffs, simply move out for a few seconds and then come back to the fight.


While traveling around the map, players will face some Campsites by the road.

This is the “check-point” of the Ian’s Ballads Event, where you can heal your troops and respawn when defeated.

Whenever your army gets defeated, it will automatically respawn at the latest Campsite and you will be able to set up your army once again, including choosing troops & commanders.

This is such a useful tool to use during the event so that you can keep testing different army compositions without worrying about getting killed.

Depending on the difficulty of the map, the enemies could have different random skills

  • Ease Mode:
    • Counter Damage Taken Reduction -10%
    • Damage Received From Infantry +5%
    • Heals 5% of the units led by this commander every time they defeat an enemy army.
  • Normal Mode:
    • Troop Defense Bonus +20%
    • Skill Damage Taken Reudction _-10%
    • Normal Attack Damage Taken increased by 10%
    • When attacking, there is a 6% chance to heal 1% of troops units itself.
  • Hard Mode:
    • Counter Attack Damage Taken Reduction -20%
    • Damage Received from Cavalry +15%
    • When attacking, debuff targets for 10 seconds, increasing their Damage Taken by 9%, can stack up to 99 times.
  • Nightmare
    • Counterattack Damage Taken Reduction -25%
    • Damage Received from Infantry +20%
    • When attacking, debuff targets for 10 seconds, increasing their Damage Taken by 12%, can stack up to 99 times
  • Hell:
    • Troop Defense Bonus +60%
    • Damage Received from Archers +30%
    • Heals 10% of the units led by this commander every time they defeat an enemy army.

Ian's Ballads Event Rise of Kingdoms

Ian’s Ballads Bosses



Skill Description


Does direct damage (Damage Factor 6000) to the enemies in fan-shaped area.

Hunting Instinct

Skill damage increased by 10% each time a skill is cast. Can be stacked.

Desperate Will

When the army is reduced to 25%, increases all damage by 100%.

Bestial Impulse

Troop attacks have a 20% chance of getting 1% of troops getting healed.



Skill Description

Ursine Strenght

Summons 2 bears and gains extra stats.

Beastial Instinct

Increases troops defense by 100%

Bestial Roar

When the army is reduced to 25%, increases all damage by 100%.

Beastlord Awaken

Mokka becomes engaged. After being in the battle for 300s, increases all damage dealt by 200%.


Skill Description

Flaming Vengeance

Deals damage to 3 random targets for 3 seconds (Damage Factor 500)

Flame Totem

Whenever a skill is cast, a Flame Totem is summoned, healing 1% of units every second.

Ring of Flames

Deals massive damage (Damage Factor 100) every second to all enemies nearby.

Fiery Sacrifice

For every army defeated, damage increased by 200% and her own troops healed by 20%.

Best Commanders for Ian’s Ballads?


Ians Ballad's First Win in RoK Hardest Mode | Rise of Kingdoms

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