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Hunt for History Event Guide

Hunt for History Event Guide

Hunt for History Event

Hunt for History” comes to Rise of Kingdoms as a new rewards event by unlocking levels by using Hammers.

There are 3 totally free ways to obtain Hammers: Map Collection, Defeating Barbarians, and Defeating Barbarian Forts.

Hunt for History Rules

  • During the event, governors can use Hammers to carry out archaeological excavations. Each excavations will have a corresponding reward.
  • Before excavating a new floor, you must choose an ultimate reward for that floor. Once the reward has been found, you can tap and move to the next floor
  • Governors can change a floor’s ultimate reward any time before it is found. Excavation progress will not be affected.
  • Ultimate reward options will be better on floors that are a multiple of 5.

Hunt for History Event Rewards

Archeological Dig

Collect Hammers and Unearth History!

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How to get Hammer

  • Map Collection: Gather resources on the map for a chance to get a Hammer!
  • Defeating Barbarians: Defeat Barbarians on the map for a chance to get a Hammer!
  • Defeat Barbarian Forts: Defeat Barbarians Forts for a chance to get a Hammer!

During the event we can only obtain 30 Hammers in total through these 3 forms, 10 for each of them.

Event Rules

  • During the event governors will have a chance to find a Hammers when collecting resources in the city, gathering on the map, defeating barbarians on the map or destroying barbarian forts. Rewards will be received by mail.
  • Hammers can be use in the “Hunt for History” event.

Tips and Trick to get Hammers

  • As long as we have Action Points, using those defeating barbarians on the map or barbarian forts, is one of the fastest ways and free to get these gifts, we can even add some extra AP to guarantee our “Hammers“
  • If we are “Low Spender” players we can spend on some cheap bundles to quickly obtain “ Hammers” and unlock other levels of rewards.Hunt for History Event Rewards
  • We can also spend some gems to obtain “ Hammers” for a price of 200, it is one of the most important options that the event includes.

Unbiased Analysis of New Event [ Floor Gang Hunt for History ] | Rise of Kingdoms

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