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Holiday Event Guide: Mouth-Watering Zongzi Event

The special holiday event, Mouth-Watering Zongzi is coming soon to Rise of Kingdoms! Here are some of the best tips you might want to know to make the most of this event and get all of those 35 Legendary Commander Sculpture Universal Golden Sculptures!

Holiday Event Guide: Mouth-Watering Zongzi Event

Holiday Event Guide: Mouth-Watering Zongzi Event Holiday Event Guide: Mouth-Watering Zongzi Event Holiday Event Guide: Mouth-Watering Zongzi Event

Best Tips for Holiday Event Guide: Mouth-Watering Zongzi

Guide shared by 12inchpvpness

During the event, governors will have a chance to find leaf Leaves when collecting resources in the city, gathering on the map, or defeating barbarians.

Event Box Event Boxes contain 1- 5 leaf Leaves, and have a chance to contain an exclusive city theme: Dragon Boat Wish.

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Should I Unlock the Premium Rewards?

Spending 7,000 Gem gems to unlock the premium rewards is 100% worth it! Especially if you are a free-to-play player!

But don’t do it yet!

If you don’t have 57,000 Gem gems, you want to wait until the last day of the event to unlock it. You want to wait a bit because the More Than Gems event could come in the next few days (No one knows!).

If you can spend these 7,000 Gem gems during the More Than Gems event, you will make the most of them. and you will also get 7,000 Gem gems back from the event rewards eventually!

Mouth-Watering Zongzi Event 5

You need approximately 1,700 leaf Bamboo Leaves to complete the Mouth-Watering Zongzi event, which is about 1200-1300 Event Box Bamboo Leaf Boxes depending on your luck.

It’s gonna be a long grind so here are some more tips for you to speed it up!

Gathering Resources

First, there is a small trick for gathering resources so you will get the Event Box boxes faster.

Set up your dispatches so that they can load about 100k resources per time. 100k load gives you the most Event Box boxes for the shortest amount of time. This has been tested and proven.

If you are lazier, you can teleport to Zone 1 and farm low-level resource nodes here.

Pick the right gathering commanders!

You want to gather what they are best at, depending on their skills and talent trees.

Check your device often because they will be gathering pretty fast. It’s best to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC so that you can track everything down easier.

Last but not least, ensure your enhanced gathering Gathering Boost is always running!

Farming Barbarians

You want to be chaining two to three Barbarians at a time okay.

Don’t spend all of your Action Point AP until the last few days in case there will be a farming event, Barbarian Farming or a Lohar’s Trial Event.

Make sure you can double-dip on any event

City Production

You can also get the event boxes from collecting city resource productions.

Generally, you want to collect them every 1-2 hours and don’t let them max out so you can get the maximum amount of boxes possible.

You want to use the Food boostWood boostStone boostGold boost Food Production Boosts during this event!

Holiday Event Guide: Mouth-Watering Zongzi Event

Strange Incidents Event

Helps the burning villages on the map to fix up their villages and earn tons of rewards by arresting the Bandits. More details regarding this event can be read here.

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Mouth-Watering Zongzi Rules

Branching Out

  1. Turn in Bamboo Leave, to level up your Zongzi. When your Zongzi reaches certain levels, you will receive corresponding rewards.
  2. Unlock Deluxe Zongzi to get extra rewards.
  3. Every time you turn in a Bamboo Leaf, your Zongzi has a chance to multiply the experience received.
  4. Once your Zongzi reaches the maximum level (25), all remaining Bamboo Leaves can be exchanged for an equivalent number of Lvl. 2 Resource Packs.
  5. Level rewards can only be claimed once by each governor. Reward progress will not be reset during the event.


  1. Participate in the event to receive plentiful rewards. Once your sapling reaches Level 15, you will receive a special Kite City Decoration! Unlock your Deluxe Zongzi and upgrade it to Level 17 to receive a limited-edition permanent Dragon Boat Festival city theme “Dragon Boat Wish”!
  2. Once a governor has claimed the “Kite” decoration, the structure will be permanently unlocked for their city, and can be built or demolished at any time. (Governors who have not received this item will be unable to view the corresponding structure in their building list.)
  3. The first time a Kite decoration is constructed, the corresponding “Kite” item will be consumed. No items will be returned if the sculpture is demolished. However, the structure can be rebuilt for 1,000 wood.
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