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Troop Healing Guide

One of the strongest points to deal with for any player in Rise of Kingdoms is the healing of troops.

When venturing into this game, the best of experiences is combat, especially PVP as the game offers us great adrenaline and a unique combat system, mechanics, and dynamics.

In this guide, we will help you understand the entire Rise of Kingdoms healing system, including the pros, cons, and some tricks and tips that can help you during wars!

Rise of Kingdoms troop healing

Troop Healing: Basics

Only the 4 types of combat units will go to the Hospital (Cavalry Cavalry, Infantry Infantry, Archer Archers, and Conquering Siege units). The scouts, commanders, and any other type of unit or NPC in Rise of Kingdoms will never be injured or fall in combat.

The number of resources and time to heal your troops depend on the tier of your units. The higher tier your units are, the more resources and time it takes to heal them.

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Troops in PVE combats against neutral units of any type will be slightly injured and will never die unless they exceed the capacity of our Hospitals.

On the contrary of PVP, when fighting other players, we have a greater impact on the units depending on the commanders, units and equipment variables, territory, garrison, defense, attack, healings among a lot of other game statistics.

In PVP there are types of attacks that will kill the troops right away, even if the Hospitals are all empty. We will talk about this later.

The healing time of our Hospitals can be reduced by Alliance members’ help. Upgrade your “Alliance Center” to increase the times you can be helped by your friends!

Fact: In Kingdoms vs Kingdoms event, the hospital capacity gets doubled.

How do our troops die? How to not lose troops?

As said, in PVP combats, there are ways for units to get killed immediately even when your hospitals are not full.

When attacking or defending Garrisons such as Alliance Fortresses, Flags, and Pass (except those of Level 1 Pass of our main Kingdom), also when attacking or defending any structure in KVK, will cause loss to our troops.

The greatest loss is suffered when attacking cities due to wall defense and watchtower attack.

In open-field combats, we will get a lot of wounded units, but no deaths. You just need to watch out for the hospital capacity so as not to risk losing troops.

On maps like KvK, where it is important to fight the enemy (PvP). Losing troops to achieve victory is even a must here. We must reinforce and attack structures, garrisons, even cities if necessary, but all in a logical order:

attack stat Attack: Never attack any structure alone; Always join the Rallies of our Alliance or Coalition and support them to cause the greatest impact and reduce the loss of troops.

defense stat Defend: The structures that we defend should always be filled up by the type of units that the leading Commanders excel at. You shouldn’t send Cavalry units to defend a garrison led by Charles Martel. Nor are heroes defending a structure alone from an enemy Attack in Rally.

hp stat Reinforce: Any garrison that we cannot defend or rally that we don’t participate in due to its maximum capacity, we can reinforce it once the attack begins.

In KvK “Heroic Anthem” we have the “Hall of Heroes”:

During the Season of Conquest, a set ratio of the part of the total troops killed will be returned to their governors.

  • During the Season of Conquest, a record of each governor’s troops killed in PVP battles will be kept in the Hall of Heroes.
  • After the season ends, 50% of all dead troops recorded in the Hall of Heroes will be resurrected.
  • This return ratio is fixed, and cannot be increased.
  • The Hall of Heroes will record the type and level of all troops killed. When dead special units are returned, they will be returned in a form determined according to each governor’s civilization at the end of the season.
  • If any governors immigrate before the season is over, a set ratio of troops killed recorded in the Hall of Heroes will be returned via mail.

Hall of Heroes

Resources and Time

Healing our troops requires a large number of time and resources, depending on their levels as we mentioned earlier in this guide.

In events like “Ark of Osiris” our Hospital capacity is infinite and healing troops is totally free, however, healing time doesn’t change and we can accelerate it using speed-ups.

Here is a brief example of how the number of resources+times varies in 3 different levels of units of the same type without using any buff.

Assuming we have 50,000 wounded cavalry units after PvP combat using a single army of 200,000, now let’s compare:

T5 Cavalry T4 Cavalry T3 Cavalry
Amount 50,000 50,000 50,000
Time 2d 7h 1d 17h 1d 3h
Food 16M 6M 3M
Stone 12M 4.5M 2.2M
Gold 8M 400k 200k

  • Healing from dark age T4> iron age T3 increases the resource cost X2 and a few more hours of time.
  • Healing from feudal age T5> dark age T4 increases the resource cost X3 and Gold X20, a few more hours that are multiplied according to the number of maximum troops to heal, the difference can be converted into days.

Let’s use a smaller variant to better see the results:

5 cavalry troops:

T5 T4 T3
Amount 5 5 5
Time 20s 15s 10s
Food 1.6K 600 300
Stone 1.2K 450 220
Gold 800 40 20

  • We have a constant of resource expenditures that does not vary the multiplier according to the maximum amount to heal, however, we can observe that the time between these troops increases the higher the capacity we treat the hospital.

In summary:

feudal age T5 units are quite expensive in all aspects. Even F2P players are recommended to use both feudal age T5 technologies and dark age T4 units due to their high maintenance if you don’t have the necessary buff and benefits to deal with them.

If you play with feudal age T5 units, you must prepare both in resources and speed-ups for the fights. any battle can make a hole in the economy.

  • stone age T1 troops don’t require healing time, but they do require some resources.
  • The only way to evade the time-resource treatment is to just let the troops die. 😊

Tricks and Tips for Troop Healing:

  • Get your 4 Hospitals to the highest possible level. As they offer a lot of building power, finish the upgrades during events requiring building power!
  • Before jumping into huge fights, always check the capacity of our Hospital, Resources, and Speed-ups.
  • Before healing troops in the Hospital, use buff from runes that appear next to the “Holy Sites” or the benefit granted by the King “Healing First” to decrease the maximum healing time.
  • There is a cooldown depending on the number of times you ask for help to heal your troops. Despite this, you must heal in small portions of troops (up to a maximum of 2000) depending on the buff and type of units to clean the Hospitals quickly.
  • It’s important to wait for the maximum help from the Alliance before using healing speedups.
  • There are structures such as the “Holy Sites” that increase the healing speed. One of the most important is: “Circle of Vitality” in KvK + 30% Healing Speed ​​+ 10% Hospital Capacity, which is excellent! We must capture one of these to maintain the troops safely.

  • There are very important VIP levels for gaining extra healing speed buff. Pay attention to those if you are addicted to PvP fights!
  • Also, the technologies will be very helpful later on! In the new KVK “Heroic Anthem” we can research some excellent technologies for fighting like the one blow.

  • If you are F2P players, you must Reinforce, Defend and Attack up to a limit, it’s really hard for F2P players to afford when running out of troops because later it will be more difficult to rebuild our ranks, it requires a lot of time and resources.
  • Keep your city safe in KvK, always in the territory of your Alliance, and try not to be Zero-ed.

france civilization

Best Civilizations for Healing Troops

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are a lot of civilizations, some of these also have Buffs that help heal troops easier:

  • France France: Hospital Healing Speed + 20%
  • Nation korea Korea: Hospital Capacity +15%
  • byzantium Byzantium: Hospital Capacity + 15%

Hopefully you have gained some of the best tips after reading this guide regarding healing troops in Rise of Kingdoms!

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