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Grand Finals Bets Event

Grand Finals Bets

Event Rules

  • Once the Osiris Grand Finals begin, governors will be able to place league bets each week from Monday to Saturday UTC. There are “Set Bets” and “Single Bets”.
  • “Set Bets” allows governors to bet on each match of the entire tournament, but governors can only bet on one side in any given match. Once made, a bet can be added to but not withdrawn. Governors who placed bets on the winner will receive a portion of the total amount bet by losing governors “in proportion to the size of their bet” in addition to their original bet at the end of each match; losing governors will be refunded 50% of the value of their original bet.
  • “Single Bets” allow governors to bet on the outcome of only a single match per round of the tournament. Up to 50 Aurics may be bet per round, and cannot be added to once bet. Governors who placed bets on the winner will receive 2x their original bet once match ends; governors who lose a bet will not receive any Aurics back. Aurics will be refunded in the case of an inconclusive result.
  • Aurics won by a governor will be verified and then sent by mail at the conclusion of each match.
  • Governors that qualify to participate in the Grand Finals can only bet on their own alliance to win.
  • Aurics can only be earned from the “Grand Finals Bets” and “Allure of Gold” events.
  • Governors can only use Aurics from the current Grand Finals to place bets and exchange for rewards.
  • At the end of the event, all unused Aurics will be reclaimed as Food at a 1:1 ratio.

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