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Top 4 Tips for Your Governor’s City

If you are a new Rise of Kingdoms player, these quick Governor’s City tips will definitely help you play the game much easier and more effective!

Rise of Kingdoms tips

Top 4 Governor’s City Tips

Gold Gathering Tip

The best gathering combo for farming Gold Gold in the Alliance Mother Lode is Seondeok Seondeok + constance Constance.

alliance mother lode

Most players think that Seondeok Seondeok + Joan of Arc Joan of Ark is the best combo for gathering Gold but Constance is far better than Joan for this job.

This combo gives a lot more Gold for the same amount of time.

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Extra Resources When Attacking Barbarians/Forts

You might already know that when attacking Barbarians with your Peace Keeping Peacekeeping commanders like Boudica Boudica, Lohar Lohar, minamoto no yoshitsune Minamoto, Cao Cao Cao Cao, etc. with the Trophy Hunter talent gives you a lot of extra resources.

trophy hunter rise of kingdoms

This is also the one of the talents you need to max out first when upgrading your Peacekeeping commanders. Check out our Talent Guide for more details!

However, sometimes you might notice that when joining other player’s rallies, you consume the AP but don’t receive any Resource Pack C.


This is because in Rise of Kingdoms, when you are in a Rally, only the talent tree of the primary commander leading takes effect. Thus, if the primary commander of your rally doesn’t have the Trophy Hunter talent available, the people joining it will not receive any Pack C.

With that being sad, don’t always focus on running your own rallies unless it doesn’t hurt the Alliance’s progression.

For example, if your Alliance wants to target high-level Barbarian Forts and you are not strong enough, better to just join the others’ rallies.

mysterious merchant boutique
Things you want to buy from the Mysterious Merchant

When Mysterious Merchant Shows Up

Mysterious Merchant is indeed the best place in Rise of Kingdoms where players can spend normal resources to get premium items. All of the items here are worth purchasing with the exception of Gem Gems offers.

However, most players don’t know that the Mysterious merchant is available at 12am, 4am, 9am, 3pm, and 10pm UTC (in-game time).

Besides that, the Mysterious Merchant also shows up when you collect your trained troops.

So when training your troops, try to set them up the way that allows you to collect 2 of them at different time of the day. For example, collect 2 before in the morning and collect the other 2 in the afternoon!

Also, about 30 minutes after the daily reset, when you collect the trained troops, the merchane also shows up once again!

Finally, when you finish a long building upgrade, normally more than 6 hour, she also shows up.

Daily Objectives

When doing the daily objectives (which you must do every day for free resources), there is a quest asking you to finish upgrading a building.

If you are new players and finding it hard to complete this quest, this is a trick for you.

You can actually build a road or an decoration object like a tree to complete this quest and get the rewards!.

Fun Fact: When all of the buildings are maxed, you don’t have to do this quest any more and auto receive free gifts every day for the quest. You also don’t need to do any events regarding upgrading buildings and they will automatically give you the rewards!

4 Tips and Tricks Found Within Your Governor's City [ Farm resources bonus ] | Rise of Kingdoms

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Hello guys, I am Shinchi42, a Youtuber, who is falling in love with the incredibly awesome video game called Rise of Kingdoms. I love writing guides and doing guide videos for the game. You can check out my Youtube Channel for more contents!

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