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How To Get Golden Keys For Free

The easiest way to obtain commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is through the Golden Keys in the tavern of our city.

If you are Free to play players, it is the freeway to obtain Legendary commanders, even maximizing them! Thanks to the probability that these highly coveted chests give us.

However, it will not be an easy method, to achieve all these goals, we will need many Gold Keys, so both in this guide we will explain everything about this tavern and how to get gold keys safely.

Rise of Kingdoms Golden Key

Why Golden Keys Are Important?

When starting as a player in Rise of Kingdoms, we will realize that we must unlock commanders and continuously improve them for our performance in the game.

Many of these commanders have a probability of drop by means of Silver and Gold keys, however, the latter is the most effective. Thanks to its higher drop rate, which is due to probabilities and as we already know the probability is a matter of luck, there are also multiple differences between both types of keys:

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Rise of Kingdoms Silver & Golden Keys Drop Rate

Silver Key Silver Keys Golden Key Golden Keys


Probability Reward Probability
Elite Commander 0.707% Legendary Commander 0.586%
Advanced Commander 2.112% Epic Commander 1.994%
Epic Commander Sculpture 1.009% Elite Commander 3.988%
Elite Commander Sculpture 4.035% Legendary Commander Sculpture 3.023%
Advanced Commander Sculpture 8.456% Epic Commander Sculpture 7.983%
Brand-new Starlight Sculpture 3.364% Elite Commander Sculpture 15.967%
Ordinary Starlight Sculpture 6.727% Dazzling Starlight Sculpture 4.923%
Obsolete Starlight Sculpture 16.818% Brand-new Starlight Sculpture 9.846%
Resource Item 21.023% Resource Item 17.229%
Speedup 12.614% Speedup 12.923%
Tome of Knowledge 23.125% Tome of Knowledge 21.538%

Note: The probability of these items may vary in any update that the game undergoes.

As you can see, there is a lot of difference between the drop of the gold keys to the silver keys, the probability percentage varies a lot even the objects change, but the most important of this variation is the Golden Sculptures of commanders, the silver keys do not include this important item.

Therefore, from this moment on we will only refer to the Golden keys because of their importance in Rise of Kingdoms.

How to Get Free and Fast Gold Keys?

There are multiple ways to obtain Golden Key golden keys in Rise of Kingdoms immediately and easily.

If you are F2P players, then we will provide you with a series of tips and tricks, which applying we can even obtain 50 golden keys per week.

Daily Mission Chest

The safest golden key that we will have is from the daily mission chest, no matter the power we have, when we reach 100 points of our character’s daily missions we will obtain a daily chest that will give us a golden key.

golden key from daily mission chest

Reaching to VIP 10

Being F2P players, one of our goals should be to reach VIP 10 as quickly as possible since it will give us daily 1 Legendary Commander Sculpture golden sculpture and 1 Golden Key golden key every day, excellent for our progress.

This is the main reason why we keep recommending people spending Gems on VIP points during the More Than Gems event!

Participating in Events

In Rise of Kingdoms, weekly we will enjoy a variety of events that will guarantee us at least one gold key in some of its rewards, it is important to fight to complete the objective of these rewards to quickly accumulate a certain amount of keys.

Fort Siege Event


Barbarian Forts


Barbarian Forts is another of the methods by probability that we have to obtain gold keys.

Its possibility is low but who knows, let’s be lucky, destroying some daily we will increase this probability and maybe we will get several gold keys on the same day.

Mysterious Merchant

Mysterious Merchant comes to our city from time to time in its two free possibilities to obtain rewards for rebates we can sometimes buy gold keys for a certain amount of gems that vary in price depending on the discount and its quantity.

These offers can be good sometimes if we want to increase our amount of weekly keys.

Barbarian Camps

The barbarian camps that exist on the map, their chief or leader of these tribes “Ironhand Baulur” when defeated has high probabilities also to drop a golden key among other rewards.

barbarian camp drop rewards

Sunset Canyon

According to the ranking we manage to obtain daily, we can win a golden key from the Sunst Canyon.

Being F2P players it will be difficult to reach the top 10 daily, but do not give up, the last ranking of the week if we are in the top 100 we ensure at least one key of gold.


The more levels we overcome in the Expedition, we will obtain chests of “Treasure of the Warrior Queen”.

These can give us sculptures and gold keys with a low probability, it all depends on luck.

Explore Mysterious Caves

If we start playing or migrate to any kingdom it is important to explore all the existing caves on the map, their chests have several excellent rewards, one of which will be the golden keys.

Free Golden Chest from the Tavern

Also every 2 days (depending on the level of our tavern) we can open the golden chest once every said time

Thanks to a golden key that gives us the game, hopefully we can take advantage of it.

The Monument

The history of each kingdom in its different stages grants rewards to all its members, both collective of the kingdom and of the alliance.

It is important to try to win these rewards since on many occasions they are gold keys and some gems, for this we must complete the indicated objective.

These tips are the easiest for any F2P player, it is important to say that we must always fight for the minimum golden key, mainly, never give up with it, any event that requires a ranking for its rewards and is including golden keys, we can aspire to reach the top 100 without wearing out at all, simply using the necessary playing time.

Example of these “Ceroli Crisis” events where we can hunt barbarians daily until the last moment only using our daily AP points and thus effectively take home some keys extra.

With this we want to highlight the importance of obtaining gold keys in Rise of Kingdoms, these provide us with many rewards, fundamentally the improvement for each commander that is within that probability.

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Talking about the Golden Key Probability or Drop Algorithm.

Since the beginning of the game there has been a lot of speculation about how to improve the drop probability of the golden keys in the tavern.

Some say that it is better to open keys 1 by 1 and others say that all at once is the best way.

However, neither of the two forms is really true, they are pure speculation, the only proof of this is the probability and luck that we have.

We all want to unlock exemplary legendary commanders such as Charles Martel, Cao Cao, Mehmed II, etc. To name some of the most distinguished within the tavern, however, it is proven that they are the least likely in these chests.

Speaking of our particular case, the following happened to us when opening a certain amount of gold keys, below we will show you is one of the many varieties that can happen to us when opening both 1 by 1 and all keys at once. In this case, both examples were at once.

When opening 668 Golden keys:

opening 668 Golden keys

When opening 1073 golden keys:

opening 1073 golden keys

If we make a comparison between both openings in summary mode, we can say that despite the difference in the number of keys, the most exemplary commanders as we have said are the ones with the least probability of obtaining them, their percentages in comparisons to gathering commanders are already low.

Sometimes we even bother with the drop system and our “bad luck”, commanders like El Cid, Ishida Mitsunari, Cleopatra or Seondeok are the most successful among the high probability of drop, it is difficult not to get more of these statues than others.

Sometimes, a drop imbalance is clearly demonstrated that affects most players, however, whatever the reward of these keys is, it will always come in handy and help us as F2P players, even P2W.


The system of keys in Rise of Kingdoms as we said is a variable system that will depend on our probability and luck with which we have.

We cannot predict exactly how many keys or in what way we should use them.

Clarify this important point, we only want to clarify with this guides the method and way of obtaining them quickly without any kind of deception, for free and demonstrating by means of a test of different large amounts the reality of the golden chests, the choice or style to use your keys is up to you.

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