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Garden of Infinity Event

Garden of Infinity is a brand new event in Rise of Kingdoms. And we are pretty sure that you guys will all love it!

Garden of Infinity Event

Garden of Infinity Event

  1. Governors can participate in this event by throwing Silver Dice or Gold Dice.
  2. Move forward a number of spaces based on the roll of the dice, and receive corresponding rewards or trigger special events.
  3. Governors can use Gems to purchase Silver Dice. The purchase limit resets every day at 0:00 UTC.
  4. When landing on a space with the roll of a Gold Dice, item spaces will provide double the rewards, and event spaces will trigger the corresponding Gold Dice Special.
  5. During the event, Governors can receive additional chest rewards once they have thrown a specified total amount of Silver Dice.
  6. The highest reward multiplier from any space that rewards items in this event is 4x.
  7. Tap on an event space to see a detailed explanation of that event.
  8. Governors whose city halls have not yet reached Level 8 cannot participate in this event.

RARE BLUEPRINTS Can be Acquired [Garden of Infinity] | Rise of Kingdoms

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