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Fireworks Display Event

Fireworks Display

Fireworks Display” is the new festival event in Rise of Kingdoms where players need to complete different small tasks to earn fireworks!

Event Rules

  • During the event, governors can set off their Fireworks on the event page.
  • Governors will receive a random item reward every time a Firework is set off.
  • Governors throughout the kingdom will be ranked according to number of Fireworks set off during the event. At the end of the event, the top ranked governors will receive additional ran rewards.

Light Up the Night

Event Rules

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  • During the event, governors will have a chance to find Fireworks when purchasing items at the courier station, destroying barbarian forts, giving alliance help, training troops. Fireworks will be received by mail.
  • Set off your Fireworks during the “Fireworks Display” event to win incredible rewards.

How to get Fireworks:

  • Alliance Help: Give alliance help to a chance to get Fireworks!

Fireworks are randomly received after giving alliance help. The more help we provide to our allies, the more chances we will have of winning Fireworks, for this we must be in an active Alliance where members constantly ask for help to heal, build and investigate and have activated our option “Quick Help” in “Settings “, “General Settings

enable quick help in Rise of Kingdoms

  • Courier Station Purchases: Purchase items at the courier station for a chance to get Fireworks!

Every so often in our city “Mysterious Merchant” appears, if we buy the offers for resources that he sells us we get some items and at the same time, we have a high probability of winning Fireworks for the event. If the merchant does not appear, we can bring her by speeding up or finishing the training of some troops in our barracks, it is a way of bringing her back when she is not.

  • Troops Training: Train troops for a chance to get Fireworks!

We can take advantage of “Fireworks Display” to train troops and increase our power, this will also guarantee us many Fireworks, always remember to use training runes, ask for a title and take advantage of any other buff.

  • Defeat Barbarian Forts: Destroy barbarian forts for a chance to get Fireworks!

Participate in each rally to destroy barbarian forts will guarantee us Fireworks 100% safe, we must be in an active alliance, this is the best option to spend some AP to destroy these neutral structures and quickly win Fireworks

Rank Rewards

Rank 1 Gem x30 Legendary Commander Sculpture x20 x20 x5 x10
Rank 2 Gem x20 Legendary Commander Sculpture x10 x15 x3 x8
Rank 3 Gem x10 Legendary Commander Sculpture x5 x12 x2 x5
Rank 4-10 Gem x5 Legendary Commander Sculpture x4 x10 x1 x3
Rank 11-20 Gem x3 Legendary Commander Sculpture x3 x8 x2
Rank 21-50 Legendary Commander Sculpture x2 x5 x1
Rank 51-100 Legendary Commander Sculpture x1 x3  x1



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