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Fill the Storehouse Event

“Fill the Storehouse” is a simple Rise of Kingdoms event that lasts a maximum of 2 days, each day we must complete a series of missions that guarantee rewards between accelerating resources and some boxes that we can exchange for sculptures of legendary commanders as Cleopatra VII, Seondeok and Ishida Mitsunari.

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Fill the Storehouse Event

Gather Resources points until they are empty

Simple, we only need to finish any resource point, it can be a point that is full of resources to the top or that only contains 100 corn, just finish it, even if we seek to quickly complete these tasks we can collect gems that are much faster, 5 is the maximum of objectives.

Gather Resources Points Until They Are Empty Rewards

Gather Resources on the map

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Perhaps this is a bit more complicated to finish for new governors in Rise of Kingdoms who still do not have commanders of great gathering speed or enough troops for their carrying capacity, however, we can take advantage of each of the objectives since there are several to complete and each one gives us rewards.

In total we must collect 10 million resources on the map, it can be anyone, if we seek to complete this mission quickly we can use all the marches that we have available, even if our commanders are not the best for “Gathering” we apply some gathering buff “Enhanced Gathering ”or rune that we can find in the “Holy Sites ”and thus we guarantee that our troops have a considerable increase in gathering speed.

rune that increases gathering speed

Food and Wood are the resources that we can collect the fastest, although their load is much higher at many points of high levels, therefore, we must take into account our collection time in each of these resources.

Gather Resources on the Map Rewards

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