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Feedback Community Suggestions

S1: Please allow Governors to skip the animations for the Travel feature in the State Forum.

A: Thank you for your feedback. We are excited to inform you that the SKIP feature for Travel is scheduled to come to ROK in the next update around mid-March.


S2: Please add the Armament preset feature to save time from having to find the correct ones.

A: Thank you for your valuable feedback! We understand the need for efficient armament assignments for different commanders. We will introduce optimizations of the Armament selection interface in the next update to address this issue.


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S3: Make it easier to recycle armaments through the commander’s view. Comparing armaments is great, but when I can clearly see one armament is inferior to another, I want to just recycle/lock them from that screen as well.

A: Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us. We will take this into consideration in future updates as we continue to monitor governors’ feedback. In the meantime, we encourage commanders to take advantage of the multi-select function in Armament recycling.


S4: Add the option to sort armaments by formation type.

A: Thank you for this suggestion! We are happy to announce that the Armament interface will receive a makeover in the next update to improve the efficiency of both selection and organization.


S5: Introduce Epic Range Commanders!

A: We are thrilled to hear about your interest in Epic Range Commanders! We are exploring the possibility and might introduce them soon in the near future.


S6: Limit availability of the Chat function in the Lost Kingdom to Governors with a City Hall level of 16 or 25 minimum to prevent trolls from entering.

A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We plan to introduce limitations to the Lost Kingdom Chat function in future updates.


S7: Update the censorship system in this game as new kingdoms have so many people with inappropriate alliance/account names.

A: Thank you for your feedback on the censorship in the game. We will definitely take this into consideration and collect more feedback from players on how to limit inappropriate names.


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Gamer, friend, Governor in Rise of Kingdoms and enthusiastic to help the community.

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