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Ultimate Resource Farming Guide

This is going to be a massive guide to farming (gathering) in Rise of Kingdoms!

farming guide rise of kingdoms

We are going to be giving you guys a lot of amazing solid tips and we are going to also answer some of the most asked questions about farming like:

  • What civilizations that I should pick first?
  • How should I focus on the commanders?
  • What buildings should be focused on?
  • What is the main goal of having a farm account?
  • When should you start a farm account?
  • Etc.

So we’re gonna be tackling all of these in this guide.

Quick and Easy Tips to Get Resources

  • Constantly upgrade the farms in the city even if it is only one building of each type.
  • Enter into a Top alliance with good economic technologies that cover territories with deposits for the regeneration of resources for each member.
  • Keep our farm commanders updated with the Gathering Skills as high as possible.
  • Find a rune in the Holy Sites of Resource Production or Gathering Speed.
  • Use at all times reinforcements of + 25% of 8h or 24h for the production of resources in our city.
  • Use “8 or 24 Hour Enhanced Gathering” at all times that we are playing to speed up any collection of resources on the map.
  • Send the best farmer commanders to the main point of the alliance and with the greatest capacity of troops they can carry to farming. If an Alliance resource point does not exist or is sold out, ask to have it rebuilt.
  • Always take advantage if we are going to be inactive and send our troops to fast and safe resource points, even before going to bed all our armies must stay collecting in high-level farms
  • Reach VIP levels frequently, as fast as possible, this will increase our production of resources for each level. If you reach VIP 11 you will have a 20% gathering speed bonus guaranteed.

vip exclusive buffs

When Should I Start A Farm Account?

This is a big question!

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

So I want you guys to think about what your playing style is.

  • If you are a free to play player, You should start a farm account because this is going to help you guys gain a lot of resources. You can move your resources to your main account and then it is going to be powering up faster than usual.
  • If you’re a moderate spender, you can also decide which you want to be. Do you want to have a farm account or do you just want to just casually play?
  • If you are a P2W player, you can probably bypass this but if you have another account for farming, it’s going to be really helpful for your main  account as well so maybe you can even have two whale accounts.

So the thing that you need to really consider is your playing style: A grinder or a casual player.

So if you’re a grinder I do, suggest that you do this and it’s going to be very easy for you to start your farm account by going to your Avatar => Settings => Character Management then you can start a new character on the same kingdom.

creating new character
How to create new Character in with the same account

Now another thing you can do is to purchase a device or if you have an extra device laying around you can also use it for the farm account, to transfer resources to your main account without having to keep switching characters between your accounts.

It’s also very easy to have multiple farm accounts at once if you are playing Rise of Kingdoms PC.

Resources are of infinite importance within the game, even when we have reached T5 and have nothing more to investigate or build, our troops will be very highly maintained and any defeat can lead to ruin.

It is partly difficult to bring resources when we are settling down because we need to grow and the only way to grow is using resources to research our city in economy, technology, construction, and military.

For this, we must find the best way to produce and gather resources quickly.

Pick The Right Civilization!

So when you first start your farm account, you’re gonna have to pick the starting civilization.

Now there’s a bunch of civilizations that you guys can choose but I want to highlight some of the names that you guys should be really looking into.

Rome Rome: Food gathering speed increasing by 10%.

So if you’re really trying to maximize your food farming speed then you can pick Rome.

France France: Wood gathering speed + 10%.

Again, if you want to specialize. Let’s say you are super grinder and you want to have multiple accounts and you want to have specific resources for each account to transfer to the main account, you can also set up for France.

You would have a great amazing gatherer commander, which is Joan of Arc, to start with and you’re going to have a lot of sculptures for her so this may be a very good option to get into.

Spain Spain: Resource production +20%.

I don’t recommend this for the initial stage when you’re making your account. I can recommend it when it’s like in the later stage of the game, when the resource buildings are higher. That’s the only time that I think that you can actually benefit out of that buff.

So early stage I wouldn’t recommend using Spain.

Nation Japan Japan: Resource gathering speed +5%. This is going to be universal gathering speed so it’s not going to be focusing on any specific resource nodes.

If you are trying to gather Gold, Japan is probably the only civilization that is going to give you that buff because there is no other civilizations here give you that gold gathering buff.

Japan is something that you want to consider if you are wanting to gain a lot of Gold or want to gather all of the resources at once.

byzantium Byzantium: +10% Stone gathering speed.

If you are in need or really trying to get a lot of Stones, Byzantium is probably going to be your best bet.

Stone is crucial especially in the later stages of the game. There are also difficulties with the commanders. Cleopatra is the only commander that has extra buff for gathering Stone currently so Byzantium is another opportunity.

france civilization
France Civilization’s Buffs

My suggestion: Start from France and then you get a nation change at level 10, you can either remain for France or you can change to Rome or Japan.

I highly recommend you using Japan afterwards because this is going to be very universal. Joan of Arc don’t have any specific gathering buff, her buff is more universe so going for Japan is may be a good option for you.

Get To VIP 6 ASAP!

I want you guys to pay attention here.

From VIP 1 to 6 you guys can see a HUGE increase in gathering buffs. You also unlock the second builder permanently at VIP level 6.

VIP Level 6 Buffs:

  • Gathering Speed +10%
  • Building Speed +10%
  • Unlock Second Building Queue
  • Food Production +15%
  • Wood Production +15%
  • Stone Production +15%
  • Gold Production +15%
  • Action Point Recovery +10%
  • Research Speed +5%
  • Hospital Capacity +5%
  • Training Speed +5%

I would suggest to invest your gems into getting to at least VIP level 6 before spending them on any thing else.

Focus On Gathering Commanders

We must focus on commanders with Peace Keeping “Gathering” abilities, easy and quick to raise, the main ones are:

farming talent tree
Gathering Talent Tree

Just by developing them up to Level 40, with the main talents, we will have these commanders insured for any task on the map. If we want to have commanders with much higher Skill gathering bonuses, then we can go for some Legendaries, but you know, they are a little more difficult to maximize:

Also, you would want to take a look at Commanders that have the Versatility Talents, like tomoe gozen Tomoe for example. They have a talent called Superior Tools, which is increasing the Gathering Speed of the troop by 15% at level 3.

download Rise of Kingdoms for pc

superior tools

Just work on these commanders and get as many Sculptures as you guys can. Get upgrade items for them and then scale them up.

Here is a trick for constance Constance

If you really need to get her sculptures, you can go to the Expedition and you can buy the sculptures here in the Expedition store.

I’ve bought all of the sculptures for her through the Expedition and it’s really worth it because Constance gives the resources bonus after you complete gathering. When you max her out, she is one of the best gatherers.

Constance Sculptures in Expedition Store
Constance Sculptures in Expedition Store

We must focus on commanders with “Gathering” abilities, easy and quick to raise, the main ones are:

Gathering Talents

Also, you need to pay attention to the Peace Keeping Gathering Talents as well.

This is my recommended Gathering build:

gathering build
My Gathering Build

When you are done with the Gathering path, I suggest that you try to get the Fresh Recruits If it’s possible to increase your maximum army cap.

So when you are going to send your farmers to farm into the Alliance resource nodes, you can have more resources and can just leave it for a period of time.

fresh recruits

If you are a P2W player, I would suggest for your farm account really try to get Cleopatra and max her out. And even if you’re free to play, if you can try to max her out, I would suggest doing that.

You guys should participate in that strategic reserve event with your farm account to get more Sculptures for her.

The reason why you want Cleopatra is to be maxed out because of this gift of the Nile, and when Cleopatra finishes her gathering, she will receive an additional resource pack so that’s going to be crucial

9 Tips Official Farm Account Tips / Guides | Rise of Kingdoms

Training Troops Every Day!

You should focus on Siege troops for your farm account because the siege units are the ones that have a lot of load, much more than other kind of troops.

Just train a lot of Tier 1 Siege units. Tier 1 siege units are fast to train, low cost comparing to their load, and can be healed extremely fast whenever your farming dispatches get attacked.

In addition, there are talents like Modified Axle that increase the speed of your Siege units, meaning that they can move a lot faster. Thus increasing your farming speed a lot!

When you have a lot of Siege units and you have the Integration ability, you can get the Fresh Recruits talent to actually increase the capacity of your troops.

That troop capacity it’s going to be a massive amount of the load that you can get and I would send that to the Alliance resource nodes.

Building Tips

You want to focus on building your resource productions. So get your resource productions to as high as you can.

Also, work on your Trading Post to get them to as high as possible because of the tax rate. The higher the building of your trading post would be, the lower the tax rate can be. And also you can send more capacity per dispatch.

trading post stats

There are actually two choices on how you can transfer resources

  1. Through Trading Post.
  2. By raiding the farm accounts.

I would suggest you guys that do the Trading Post instead. Using Trading Post is a lot easier.

Basically you have to leave your current Alliance for a few minutes, join the farm Alliance and then transfer the resources.

Upgrading the Trading Post is a long-term investment and it will pay off.

Mechanics to Gathering and Save up your Resource items

Search and Collect

We must find the resource points in our favor, which are of the highest level and are located within the territory of our alliance, so collection by Alliance technologies will be much faster.farming within alliance territory

Farm barbarians and Forts

Each of these will give us resource packs of different sizes. If we kill barbarians we need to have our “Peacekeeping” commanders with the “Trophy Hunter” ability, so we ensure for each barbarian that we kill 15 random packs of C Resources (1000 Food, 1000 Wood, 750 Stone or 500 Gold).

The best commanders for this are: Lohar, Belisarius, Boudica, Cao Cao, and Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Daily objectives and Missions

  • Do all our daily chest missions, each one of them will give us resources and their rewards contain extra packages among other things.
  • Open the daily silver keys in the tavern. The gold when possible, these are likely to leave us some resources.
  • In the Expedition we must always advance as far as we get, each level contains daily rewards that will help us even buy resources in the Expedition Store
  • Any event that is in progress within the kingdom, achieving or completing all missions to earn rewards that are mostly speeds and resources.
  • Consume our daily attempts at “Sunset Canyon” even if we lose we can get some rewards as resources.
  • And don’t forget to redeem the daily VIP chest.

Daily Quest Rewards

Activity Points Rewards
20 Activity Point

Training Speedup Training Speedup (5m) x5
Food 30,000
Wood 30,000
Stone 22,500
Gold 3,000

40 Activity Point

Building Speedup Building Speedup (5m) x5
Food 60,000
Wood 60,000
Stone 45,000
Gold 6,000

60 Activity Point

Silver Key Silver Key x1
Research Speedup Research Speedup (5m) x8
Action Point Basic Action Point Recovery (100 AP) x1
Tome of Knowledge level 1 Lv.1 Tome of Knowledge (100 EXP) x40
Brand New Starlight Sculpture Brand-new Starlight Sculpture x2

80 Activity Point

Universal Speedup Universal Speedup (5m) x16
Food 120,000
Wood 120,000
Stone 90,000
Gold 12,000

100 Activity Point

Gem Gem x100
Golden Key Golden Key x1
Magic Box Magic Box x1
Epic Commander Sculpture Epic Commander Sculpture x3

Save Your Resource Items!

  • Resource Packages and Resource Chests.
  • Individual resource items: Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold.

It is because you can use them when really needed (normally in War events) and you do not lose any of them If your city gets attacked. If you don’t have any resource items in your inventory, you will not have a chance to farm or heal during the War period. Use the backup resources to heal and train troops.

This is also why you should always purchase the resource items in the Courier Shop. You will get the resources with discounted prices and be able to move them from your storage to your inventory.


These are the tasks that we must do every day to keep our resources at the maximum level.

If you read carefully in each action of “Rise of Kingdoms” that we do, there are resources such as rewards, be it killing barbarians, collecting or meeting daily objectives, all are ways to increase our economy and we must preserve it for future wars or development of our city, even to help some colleagues in their growth.

We must be cautious in the use of these and save as much as we can, waste resources unnecessarily, be smart, and secure your reservation.

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BEST GATHERING GUIDE FOR RISE OF KINGDOMS IN 2020 - Best Commanders and general Tips & Tricks

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