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How to Farm Kills in KvK Effectively (F2P Guide)

Complete guide to farming kills with ease in KvK for all free-to-play players!

farm kills kvk Rise of Kingdoms

Welcome. If you are reading this, you are, like me, a T5 player who is tired of getting your farms killed by your enemy, or swarmed down by pesky legendaries on the battlefield. Or, maybe you might be wondering, do low power players really have any way to harm t5’s and big spenders? The answer is, yes, you can. but it’s gonna take some guts, some quick thinking, and some really long march times.

A guide by Krishnendu.


Farm Hunting

A really controversial topic that annoys most players. But if done properly, it can cripple players right from mid spenders to 100M T5’s. Trust me, I say this from personal experience.

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You need to keep three things in mind.

March Commanders

  • This is the most important factor.
  • Don’t need to be legendary commanders, as we are talking of F2P here.
  • Should be speedy.
  • Have more attacks.
  • Need to have skills that increase their damage when they are low in troops.
  • Have equipment for speedy marches (which is easily obtainable).
  • Should be able to get out of fights fast.

Your target needs to be sleeping

Before you go ahead for a farm, look for who it belongs to. See if he’s offline or online.

Only if they are offline, or they are online and far away from that farm, go ahead. Otherwise don’t take the risk.

This is because when your target knows your march’s location, he can easily have his teammates attack you. Now you don’t want that, because most spenders have a max or nearly max Cao Cao, and the probability of you beating a Cao Cao in march speed is very less to non-existent.

Drag and Drop

Always use drag and drop mechanics for your marches!

When you are hitting a farm, be ready to pull back your march instantly on hitting, as there might as well be a full tanky or nuker march sitting in the farm, and you might not want to get chunked down.

Go for full marches in farms only when you see commanders you can kill, and when you see that the march is taking more damage than you.

Oops! The enemy detects me!

Now, suppose you are farm hunting and the enemy detects you and sends his march to attack you. You have two options:

  1. Run to your city, and run about till he gets tired and retreats. Practice jumping from farm to farm quickly. Suppose the path to your city is blocked by more marches and enemies.
  2. Use ineffective flags and structures for hiding. The ineffective flag strategy is a great way to hit a stronger opponent team effectively and repeatedly in KvK, when they are taking over your zone, and have rendered many of your flags ineffective. It’s a great and cheap way to get huge numbers of kills in a short time.

Now, consider the possibility of you sitting outside Kingsland with your kingdom having a lvl. 8 pass, and the opponent camp is in the occupation of the Ziggurat and all of the surrounding area.

Your pass is surrounded by enemy marches and you really can’t get out of pass and speed into their territory without dragging all of them.

Now, don’t go overconfidently, thinking you can outrun them. There can be some Richards, Joans, and Aethelfleds in there that can slow you down pretty significantly. And there might even be faster nuker marches of legendaries like Saladin Cao Cao, or maxed Khan Cao Cao.

No point in sacrificing those healing speedups right?

Here’s what you should do, ask your kingdom mates to create a distraction, create a few open field fights, and while they are fighting, slip out hiding in trees.

There’s 70-80% chance that even if they notice you, they’ll be too busy to chase you down. Another option is the classic “no armor is good armor” technique.

Act with your f2p kingdom mates as a team. Send all ur fast marches together in different directions far from the pass into Kingsland, at the same time. Most marches will get through.

However, the field fight idea is more realistic.

  1. Baiting the enemy is something you have to learn fast. Put your strongest march, or ask your teammates to put their strongest marches in a pass or flag. Once the enemy has detected you, and is chasing, start taunting him. Stop in farms, use emojis, engage his march avoiding his skill, taunt him repeatedly. Lead the unsuspecting enemy to the structure, and swarm.
  2. Be aware of the fact that you will become a target of the enemy if you hunt them enough. Change your hunting grounds periodically, change your hunting routes regularly. Make it a habit not to make your hunting times similar every day. Find out when the enemy is mostly offline and hunt at that time. Above all, make sure you are in alliance territory in KvK. Otherwise, it is a 100% chance of you getting zeroed. And while p2w players can build themselves back easily, you as a f2p will need to grind.
  3. Finally, remember to trust your instincts at all times. Never underestimate the opponent. Never go after a full march unless u are 200% sure you can beat it. Always keep healing your troops in batches of 2000 or 3500, so that your alliance helps will do the job for you. Keep track of your hospital, and have fun.

Commanders for Farming Kills

Now, for something I kept to tell you at the very end. Commanders.

For farm hunting, Epic commanders are enough.

1st of all, the troop type. It’s best to use Cavalry Cavalry as they are wired to be the fastest units in-game.

However, some may also use Archers. I would recommend against this for a F2P, as archers are really squishy, i.e. they can be beaten down in seconds, more so with epic commanders.

As for Infantry, just don’t go farm hunting with Infantry, they are the slowest. Cavs are the perfect option as you can create a very fast march ideal for farm hunting, using only Epic commanders.

The ones I speak of, are Belisarius and Baibars.

Now, the reason for this pairing is because it’s not only insanely fast but also due to the skills.

The third skill of Belisarius, “Bloodthirsty Bucellari” gives you 50% march speed for 10 seconds after leaving a fight. This is very useful for farm hunting. Suppose someone’s chasing you. Engage them, disengage before their rage meter fills up, and they cast their skills. And BOOM! 50% march speed.

The fourth skill, “Oblique Tactics” is even better. Suppose you see a juicy archer march sitting in a farm, you go for it with you march. You beat them, but then you have less than 50% of your march alive. You wish to kill more farms and not just go back a long distance to refresh. What do you do? The fourth skill gives you 25% extra damage when your army is below 50%. That’s phenomenal.

In the late game, if you pair that Belisarius with a Cao Cao, you will be nuking opponents like crazy.

So get him to level 60, max his skills, and go for the talent trees:


You will get the same mobility tree for Cao Cao in the late game.

Remember that only the primary commander’s talents come into effect for any march. You do not need to bring the secondary up to level 60. But do max out their skills with sculptures.

Now for the secondary commander, I chose Baibars.

Why? Because he is easily available and is a commander who does more skill damage than most other epics.

Let’s take a look at his skills, as you will not need his talents.

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  • His first skill, when expertized, does 1000 damage to 5 targets in a forward shaped fan. It is phenomenal. You can hit so many targets at the same time. It also brings down the target’s march speed by 50% for 2 seconds. Phenomenal.
    Imagine you are attacking a Siege march that is returning from the alliance granary to the enemy’s city. Every time Baibar’s skill procs, the enemy will be slowed down 50%. That means the target is on the field for a longer time, allowing you to do more damage to them.
  • His 2nd skill boosts cavalry attack, which will give you more and more kills.
  • His third skill is attacking cities, which as a f2p, I would strongly recommend against.
  • His fourth skill not only heals a part of your march, but also gives you 50% march speed on leaving a fight, just like Belisarius.

I don’t need to tell you how useful this can be in farm hunting.

Now, you may ask me. Why not use more skill damaging commanders like Osman? I feel that pairing two commanders who are designed for cavalry is better than using leadership commanders like Osman, because your cavalry gets buffed by both your commanders instead of just one.

In this discussion, I stuck to epics because talking of Legendaries is difficult when you are catering to the F2P section of players.

However, Genghis Khan, Cao Cao, and Saladin are all very good alternatives for commanders among the legendary tier.

However, Belisarius Baibars is good enough for a F2p player.


As for equipment, do the Shadow Legion every time it comes, to get blueprints for the Windswept set. It’s easy to craft and is very effective. 4% march speed and 2% attack, in addition to the individual buffs of each of the two equipments will give you all the edge you need.


This is the equipment you can make for yourself as a F2P very easily.


Extra Tips

If you have got to this point in the post, it’s time to give you the juiciest of tips.

When you are fighting opponents who are p2w, look out for their farm accounts. Farm accounts have weaker troops, and they farm almost all the time.

Which means more kills for you.

Take note of your intelligent verification as that is something that can put most experienced farm hunters in trouble.

Also, search for march speed boost runes. Ask for the Justice Title of your Kingdom if you are going to hunt. The extra march speed can save you from a lot of severely wounded troops. In this way, you can easily get the Faith achievements in your Crusader Achievement list.

Trust me, I was the first one in my alliance to get the Faith II the last KvK event!

Hope this guide was helpful!

See you Fam, Hope you found good use for this content. Keep a lookout for my next article and make sure you give your comments to this guide!

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