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Complete Guide to Chain-Farming Barbarians

Hi guys, today we are going to show you the most efficient way to chain-farm Barbarians in Rise of Kingdoms. You might even be able to farm up to 10 Barbarians groups with just 40 Action Point Action Points (AP) by simply following this guide.

Best commanders for farming Barbarians are also mentioned below.

farm barbarians

Chain Farming Barbarians Advantages

  • The effectiveness of the continuous use of our Action Point APs increases our effectiveness, Example: we can kill 2-5 barbarians with only 40 AP points.
  • It teaches us a better way to take advantage of these techniques for events such as the 2nd phase of “MGE“, “Clarion Call” or the same “Lost Kingdom” that our Honor points depend in part on hunting barbarians and sometimes the APs are not enough to achieve final rewards.
  • We will get the same rewards by killing X amount of barbarians with a single AP consumption when attacking.


  • We can only use 1 single march.
  • It will consume a little more playing time while we apply this advantage.

Instant Guide to Chain-Farming Barbarians

First of all, we must choose the best Commanders for chaining, at least one of these must have a Damage AoE Skill in order to affect the closest barbarians and attract them to your army, later we will explain who are the best Commanders for this task.

Screenshot_20200724-180829_Rise of Kingdoms.jpg

We are looking for a fairly populated area of ​​high-level barbarians, in the Normal kingdom we are looking for those of Level 20-25 that are mostly in Zone 3, and in “Lost Kingdom” we can take advantage of any area of ​​Barbarians.

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The more level: more life, better rewards and they facilitate the duration of the attack to be able to chain each one of them with the closest one.

We must be smart and select multitudes of barbarians who are close to each other, so we will efficiently begin our technique:

How to Chain Farm Barbarians Effectively (Step-by-Step)

  1. Attack the highest level Barbarian who is close to others.
  2. We drag our army little by little (without distancing it much from our 1st Objective), always looking straight ahead at the next closest Barbarian.
  3. We cannot point to the next Barbarian, the ability in AoE will be in charge of attracting it alone when it affects it.
  4. Stay as close as possible while dragging on each of our goals.
  5. Slowly attack and drag calmly, walking towards another nearby enemy.
  6. If we fail, repeat until we can chain as many as possible as far as we can.

how to chain barbarians in Rise of Kingdoms

It can be a bit complicated at first and if you don’t have patience then I tell you to go spend your Action Point Action Points in a common way, but with practice, you will perfect it and it will be much easier for you to chain these attacks.

Best Commanders for Farming Barbarians?

Primary Commanders

Our primary commanders must have talents and abilities like “Peacekeeping” as they will help us deal much more damage to barbarians, increase our rewards, and consume less AP, however other commanders without “Peacekeeping” can also be effective.

Its area damage ability is quite extensive and affects our enemy on a large scale. Very effective as a primary
It is highly recommended for this work, thanks to its strong healings after each battle that do not prevent her from withdrawing “Never”
Its healing, direct damage and speed in the field make it a killing machine, if we take advantage of it against barbarians it offers us these same functions
Excellent for its large-scale damage and its healing and damage reduction abilities
Although he does not have Skills “Peackeeping” is excellent as a primary, his Tank skills make him an “Immortal” commander against any unit of barbarians.

Secondary Commanders

In the secondary commanders, we will focus more on those with area damage (AoE) it is essential to have these skills.

Yi Seong-Gye It is crazy to have this borrower with his Maximum Abilities, his damage in area is devastating thanks to the 360-degree radius that he reaches on a large scale. It is difficult to obtain for F2P players and young kingdoms, but it is one of the most recommended in the game due to its multiple functions, both PvE and PvP.
His AoE damage is very high, one of the best Epic commanders in damage, excellent.
Like Baibars, it has an immediate damage ability in area that can affect large numbers of Barbarians at the same time and quickly chain them to battle.
Legendary Commander with AoE damage that causes a lot of damage, a little easier to obtain thanks to the “Golden Keys” and we can use it at least with the first ability to the maximum and take advantage of this task.

Some Tips for Chain-Farming Barbarians

  • No matter what our main unit of Civilization is, we are free to use the one that we like the most, but of course, we choose the one that best Academy technologies we have developed.
  • Collect some Defense or Health Rune to increase our durability in battles.
  • Use our Armor Item buff at 5% or 10%, including Troop Capacity if necessary to continue for a long time.

Chain Farming Tips


We must be patient to perfect this Technique and have a duo of these commanders to take advantage of our Action Points in the best possible way. I would not say that it is an easy thing to get to chain from 3 to 10 barbarians because it depends in part on factors such as our Commanders and Skills, but at least we can always chain from 2 to 3 if we choose well and thus save many more AP.

I hope you liked this guide, you liked it, don’t forget to leave your Like and any comment is always welcome.

WORLD RECORD? Best Way to Use Action Points [ Barbarian Chaining ] | Rise of Kingdoms

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