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Face to Face with the Developers

Greetings Governor,

Welcome to Face to Face With the Developers! Today we’ll be talking about our development plans for the KVK season, and we’ll explain our ideas with regard to the latest hot topics.

Part 1: Post-Season Development Plans

1. Balancing the KVK Season Immigration System

The relaxing of rules for the immigration system has generally been well-received. As the game continues to run, the number of immigrants continues to grow, having an effect on the “original inhabitants” of kingdoms in many seasons. We’re thinking about ways to optimize and adjust the immigration system to allow the robust development of the KVK season. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more details!

2. Improving the Crystal System in Season of Conquest

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Since the establishment of the Crystal system, we’ve had plenty of suggestions from Governors. We’re carefully considering ways of optimizing the system. The first step will be increasing the number of ways that you can receive and recycle Crystals to improve the overall experience. These changes are still in the planning phase.

3. Creating Varied and Enjoyable New Stories

In a number of kingdoms, we’ll soon be introducing a new Season of Conquest Story, “Desert Conquest”, including a desert map. In this new Story, Governors will capture new Fortress buildings and become that Fortress’s manager—the General. Generals can manage the troops of other Governors within the Fortress, coming up with strategies, attacking and defending against enemies, and taking over Fortresses and Strongholds in the desert (which cannot be teleported into). Governors who aren’t able to move their troops in real-time can leave them under the command of the General by ordering them to assemble at the Fortress, allowing them to contribute to their Camp’s forces. We hope that this new Story will provide Governors with a varied and enjoyable gameplay experience and that you’ll enjoy the design ideas behind it!

Part 2: Hot Topics

Q. Would you consider merging kingdoms that have lower populations?

A. We pay close attention to the populations of kingdoms, but we have no plans to merge them at this time.

We’re currently looking for a fairer and more systematic way to resolve this problem. We’ve come up with a design for a new KVK registration system: rather than being based around kingdoms, this new system would be based around alliances, giving them the freedom to choose to register for Season of Conquest Stories. This way, players in kingdoms with low populations could choose to participate in Seasons through an alliance. This system is being implemented in a select number of kingdoms, and we’ll be paying close attention to Governors’ feedback about it.

Q. Could you increase verification rewards?

A. We’ve received a lot of feedback from Governors about this. However, we’re concerned that increasing verification rewards could make completing verification a new way to participate in events. This would defeat the original point of the verification system—eliminating idling and providing a genuine gaming environment. Due to this, we currently have no plans to change verification rewards.

Q. What are the latest developments with the PC version?

A. A select number of Governors have recently begun testing the PC version, and they’ve provided us with a great deal of comments and suggestions. There are still a number of issues with the PC version that need to be resolved. We hope to make a finished PC version of Rise of Kingdoms available soon!

This has been another Face to Face With the Developers. If you have any other suggestions related to the game, we welcome all Governors to leave your feedback via the in-game community or customer service.

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