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Face-to-Face With the Developers – Suggestions

Suggestions under consideration 1/31:


S1: Delay the launch of the More Than Gems event for a week. It is unfair that some kingdoms get the chance to buy the things to upgrade the building already at the event, while other kingdoms won’t have formations till next week.

A: Thank you for the feedback. Our Dev team is continuing to optimize the event schedules. The More Than Gems event is currently in the ideal interval.


S2: Give each city a shield after all updates, so as to avoid zeros for Governors who cannot log in after the update.

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A: Thank you for the valuable feedback! After careful deliberation, we have decided to enable Shield for cities in the case of an extended update in the future.


S3: Please add a few choices of color codes for alliance calendar entries, so we can use various color codes to differentiate between PvE and PvP events. Color coding would make it a lot easier for everyone to see at a glance which days have more important war events, for example.

A: Thank you for the valuable suggestion! We will take this into consideration as we optimate the Alliance Calendar interface in the future.


S4: More changes possible to city layout: turning buildings clockwise / counterclockwise, extra roads, more decorations… allow us to create our ”DREAM CITY”.

A: We definitely resonate with Governors’ passion to decorate their cities! We will definitely discuss more ways for Governors to individualize their city layout. In the meantime, we encourage Governors to always check out our ever-growing collection of special themed ornaments for each festival!


S5: Display a summary session on Battle Reports where, if more fights appear, you’ll see the total of Troop Loss and Power Loss on one side, and the same stats for the other side as well. Many people are curious about how good they did, for example, in a murder ball. Otherwise, now it takes ages to go through all the reports without an easy answer.

A: This is a great suggestion! We have planned to roll out this exact feature in a future update!


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Gamer, friend, Governor in Rise of Kingdoms and enthusiastic to help the community.

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