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Face-to-Face With the Developers Armament System Q&A Edited

Q: What are the main functions of this system?

A: This system allows you to re-randomize your existing Armament Attributes.


Q: Does re-randomization apply to a single attribute or multiple attributes?

A: All three Armament Attributes will be re-randomized. However, after the randomization, you can choose whether to keep the previous attributes or use the new ones.


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Q: Does this system only change Armament Attributes? Can it change the inscription of an armament?

A: The system will only re-randomize the three Armament Attributes, and everything else will remain unchanged. Therefore, we recommend that you hold on to armaments with good inscriptions but poor attributes so you can re-randomize the attributes when the system goes live.


Q: Does changing Armament Attributes require items?

A: Changing Armament Attributes will require specific items, which can be obtained from the Lost Kingdom’s Crusader Achievement, the Armament Shop, etc.


Q: Does this feature work for all armaments?

A: This feature is only available for Legendary and Epic armaments.


Q: When will the system go live?

A: The system is currently under development and is expected to be available in March.

If you have any ideas or further questions about the Armament System, feel free to join the discussions in our official community at any time.


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