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Face to Face with the Developers

Long time no see. Hope you’re having great spring/fall (depending on where you are in the world)!

Welcome back to “Face to With the Developers” where we answer some of the lates questions or issues that governors are interested in and get to share some of our future plans for RoK.

Q: I don’t think “Esmeralda’s Prayer” is very fun.

  • A: We released a new holiday event “Esmeralda’s Prayer” during the March Holiday period. One thing we’re always interested in exploring is new and fun game formats, many of which we get to incorporate into different holiday events to enrich the RoK experience. There’s no doubt we received a bit of feedback in relation to Esmeralda’s Prayer, and we are definitely looking at how we can optimize the event going forward based on this feedback in later updates.

Q: Will you be repeating previous holiday events?

  • A: Absolutely. We may be focused more on trying to explore original events in this format, but there’s no reason to abandon past holiday events that were especially well-received. We’re definitely going to be releasing all kinds of different game modes during different holiday periods – not just to provide fresh experiences but also to allow players to familiarize themselves with their favorites. If you’d like more specifics and something of a schedule, please have a look at the announcement for the current version update.

Q: Will you be involving the King’s approval in the 30 governor cross-season migration quota?

  • A: Our concern is that making the King a part of this process could lead to unfair outcomes at times, and so we’re not currently planning to do that. But we’re certainly intrigued by the idea as a whole, and perhaps need more time to really work out how best to implement this type of change, if at all.

Q: Could we save Bastion quest refreshes, like up to 3 or 6 times?

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  • A: Good idea! We will be looking at such a modification as we plan our next round of changes.

Q: I would like to be able to solo challenge Lohar.

  • A: One of the main designs behind the Lohar event was to give governors another chance to work together, which is why we came up with the current challenge mechanism. However, the reality is Lohar is not quite the opponent he once was to many governors who have now grown powerful enough to take him down alone. So we’re looking at developing more new and interesting challenges going forward, which may be of particular interest to players who want something more from Lohar.

Q: When will you next be releasing a new civilization?

  • A: Hew, we’re way ahead of you! In fact, we are even now ironing out some of the behind-the-scenes complexities involved in the release of a new civilization. Rest assured it’ll come in the next few months! And stay tuned as we drop our first reveals in the RoK community – soon!

Q: Could we automatically buy the newspaper daily for 1000 gold rather than having to do it manually?

  • A: The idea behind forcing governors to manually get the newspaper is we want to cultivate a kind of “habit” or “ritual” of “getting the Kingdom Newspaper”. If so, making it automatic would defeat the purpose.

Q: When will you be releasing the PC version of Rise of Kingdoms?

  • A: The PC version of RoK is a really, really important project, not least because of the great added convenience it will offer players. We’re happy to report we’re putting the finishing touches on the PC version now, which should be ready for release whiting a month! We’ve also lined up a number of in-game exclusive events to really highlight and accentuate the PC RoK release. You can follow us to get the latest update!
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