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Face to Face – Iconic Equipment

Greetings Governor,

Since we announced the new “Easter Eggcitement” update, a lot of players have been discussing Iconic equipment. We’d like to take this opportunity to answer your questions and help you understand how the system works.

Q: How do I obtain Iconic Crystals?

  • A: There are currently three ways to obtain Iconic Crystals:
  1. Complete quests as part of the Artisan’s Forge event to obtain Iconic Crystals as a reward.
  2. In the Crystal Quest event, basic treasure rewards will be replaced with Iconic Crystals at lvl 50.
  3. Canyon Coins can be exchanged for Iconic Crystals at the Lost Canyon Shop.

Q: Will different players receive different amounts of Iconic Crystals?

  • A: Each player has a maximum number of Iconic Crystals they can obtain. Players in kingdoms with similar server ages will receive similar amount of Iconic Crystals.

Q: Can Iconic Crystals be purchased directly?

  • A: We have no plans to allow direct purchase of Iconic Crystals or to include them as part of paid bundles.

Q: Forging and refining are already part of the equipment system, and now Iconic equipment has been added to the mix. Are there plans to add any other new features?

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  • A: There are no plans to add any new features to the equipment system after Iconic equipment becomes available.

Q: Which equipment can be made into Iconic equipment?

  • A: All legendary equipment can be made into Iconic equipment, except for equipment from Trial of the Lost Kingdom.

Q: How many times can equipment be made Iconic? Can equipment without any Special Talents be made Iconic?

  • A: All legendary equipment can only be made Iconic once. Iconic status has nothing to do with whether equipment has a Special Talent.

Q: Does the attribute boost for Iconic equipment only take effect in Lost Kingdom?

  • A: Iconic status is permanent, but attribute boosts will change depending on which season of Lost Kingdom as kingdom is in.



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