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Expedition Mode Guide

expedition mode rise of kingdoms

What is Rise of Kingdoms Expedition?

In Rise of Kingdoms, Expedition is the game mode which requires players to defeat different armies, push to higher stages in the mode and unlock loads of valuable rewards!

You can negative to it via Campaign ➡️Expedition.

The amount of armies you could face in an Expedition stage varies.

After every battle, the system will give you a rating for the battle depending on the requirements of the mission. The more Stars you get, the more rewards you earn.

You can send multiple dispatches depending on the mission you are doing. At the beginning of the game, you can only send 1-2 dispatches. However, quickly after just couples of missions, you can even send up to 5 dispatches to the mission. Thus, keep training your troops so that you can complete these Expedition missions easier.

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doing expedition missions
Doing Expedition Missions

After every successful mission, you will receive the rewards and an amount of Medal of the Conqueror, which is the currency in the Expedition shop, where you can buy a lot of valuable items as well as Hero Sculptures.

Do note that, this mode is totally separated from the normal game. Which means that you can use all of your Commanders and troops which are already farming resources, joining any dispatch or in the hospital.

Depending on the number of missions you have completed in the Expedition, you will get a certain amount of daily rewards, including the Medal of the Conqueror.


  • You can attempt to all missions unlimited times but you can only get the rewards from 1-2 ⭐️missions once per day.
  • Daily rewards = total amount of the rewards from all of the 3-Star mission rewards you have completed.
  • The Expedition resets at 00:00 UTC every day.
  • All buffs are activated.
  • Commanders do not receive any EXP in the Expedition Mode.

Why You Should Do Expedition

  • Aethelflaed: Although she is pretty weak while being a Legendary, she is still a lot stronger than all Epic Commanders in the game.
  • Silver Keys: You will earn a lot of Silver Keys in the long run.
  • Epic Sculptures: To work on your favorite Epic Commanders and to get a lot of rewards in the KvK Past Glory.
    • 1 Epic Commander Sculpture Epic Sculpture = 5 Heroic Coins
    • 100 Heroic Coins = 1xLegendary Commander Sculpture Legendary Sculptures (20 Max)
    • 40 Heroic Coins = 1xDazzling Starlight Sculpture Legendary Starlight
    • 20 Heroic Coins = 1xGolden Key Golden Key
    • 3 Heroic Coins = 1xUniversal Speedup 60-min Speedup
    • You can also exchange for arrow of resistance Tome of Knowledge level 2 Epic Commander Sculpture etc.

Best Tips for Expedition Mode

Guide by soysssauce

Since the Expedition mode is very straight forward, here are some simple steps we could give you

  • There are stages where you need to lose no more than 50% of your troops. Remember that it’s 50% of your total troops, not per army/dispatch. Just send out those siege units and let them sit on the side of the map while the main armies battling.
  • Send in your tanks first. Richard and Sun Tzu are awesome at this. They are able to deal massive damage while taking damage forever.
  • Cleopatra and Joan with maxed first skills are great secondary commanders for all dispatches.
  • After stage #60, there is no timer so take your time and use the agro smartly. Pull each enemy using Cavalry armies and then finish them off one by one.
  • Don’t hesitate to use Army Expansion and Enhanced Attack buffs.
  • Always collect some attack/defense Runes.
  • If needed, scout a random city to receive the 3% Attack Buff from the War Frenzy status. If you can, ask for the justice and general titles.
  • At high levels, If you have above 10,000 Expedition Coin Medal of the Conqueror saved up, you will be able to buy .
  • The best Expedition Buying Order should be: Legendary Sculptures → Legendary Starlights → Aethelflaed → Epic Sculptures.
  • You should hit the Preview button then assign your dispatches using the + marks.

expedition guide

Medal Store – The Expedition Store

In the Medal Shop, you can find a lot of valuable items and are able to buy them using the Expedition Coin Medal of the Conqueror.

Each time you buy an item, it will go out of stock immediately. You can refresh the Shop for free the first time and it costs 100 Gem Gems each the for the next refreshes.

medal store rise of kingdoms

Every week, there will be a commander featured as the Commander of the Week. You can purchase the sculpture of this Commander with no limit. Excellent for you If you are focusing upgrading that specific Commander.

By purchasing the right sculptures at the beginning, you can progress a lot faster in the game. For example, at the beginning of the game, you should focus on upgrading farming Commanders like constanceConstance, sarkaSarka or boudicaBoudica.

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