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Tiles & Bricks Event

Tiles & BricksTiles & Bricks” is an event in Rise of Kingdoms where players need to increase building power by upgrading the buildings. The duration of this event is 1 day.

tiles and bricks event Rise of Kingdoms

Tiles & Bricks Event Rules

  • Create a unique city for your civilization.
  • Complete quests during the event to earn a variety of rewards.

Tips to complete Tiles & Bricks

  • Acquire rune that increases the building speed before actually upgrading any building.
  • Hospitals require a lot of time to upgrade and are also very expensive. You should start upgrading them a few days before the event starts to finish them when it arrives.
  • Asking for the title of “Architect” of the kingdom to reduce the building time.
  • Use building speedups before spending the universal speedups, save Universals for other tasks.

Note: If all of your buildings are already maxed, the event will automatically reward you.

Event Rewards

Requirement Rewards
Building Power Increases by 1,100
  • food item Food 50,000 x2
  • wood item Wood 50,000 x2
  • Building Speedup Building Speedup (10m) x1
Building Power Increases by 9,000
  • food item Food 150,000 x3
  • wood item Wood 150,000 x3
  • stone item Stone 112,500 x2
  • gold item Gold 50,000 x1
Building Power Increases by 23,000
  • Universal Speedup Universal Speedup (60m) x1
  • Building Speedup Building Speedup (60m) x3
  • Research Speedup Technology Speedup (60m) x3
  • Training Speedup Training Speedup (60m) x3
Building Power Increases by 45,000
  • Gem Gems (600) x1
Upgrade hospital 1 time(s)
  • food item Food 10,000 x3
  • wood item Wood 10,000 x3
  • stone item Stone 7,500 x3
  • gold item Gold 3000 x3
Upgrade hospital 3 time(s)
  • food item Food 50,000 x5
  • wood item Wood 50,000 x5
  • stone item Stone 37,500 x5
  • gold item Gold 15,000 x3
Upgrade hospital 5 time(s)
  • food item Food 150,000 x5
  • wood item Wood 150,000 x5
  • stone item Stone 112,500 x5
  • gold item Gold 50,000 x3

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