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Spreading Civilization Event

Spreading Civilization” is a Rise of Kingdoms event with a duration of 2 days, the rewards and missions are reset daily so we will have 24 hours to complete all of the tasks.

During the event, players need to destroy barbarian forts and complete troop training missions to get great rewards.

Spreading Civilization Event

Training Tips

As in many training troops events, it is something simple if you have level 25 barracks.

During “Spreading Civilization” we need to train a total of 10,000 T2 or higher troops.

If your city hall and barracks are not very advanced yet, don’t worry, use these tips to get all the possible rewards of the event:

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  • Find training runes in “Holy Sites”.
  • Ask for the kingdom title “Duke”.
  • Train only T2 units, they are much faster to develop. We can also upgrade T2→ T3, T3 → T4 units.

Train Rewards

Like any governor of Rise of Kingdoms, you must take advantage of each game event if you are free-to-play players. The rewards will always help us a lot, in this case, we will win keys (Crystal Key) and ideal equipment chests to discover and develop pieces for our commanders, do not lose this opportunity.

Destroy Barbarian Forts

The other part of the event that has different rewards is to destroy barbarian forts.

It will be an easy task if you are in an active alliance.

The level of the forts doesn’t matter, it can be from level 1-10, we just have to participate and destroy it.

A total of 10 forts to obtain all the rewards, in this case advanced rarity equipment materials and some resource packages with tomes of knowledge will be some of the items that we can obtain by completing all these tasks.

Destroy Barbarian Forts Rewards

This is a fairly easy event to complete that you should not miss if you are F2P players. Even players with much more experience take these opportunities to obtain unique rewards for completing a series of simple missions. Enjoy it!

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