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Lohar’s Trial Event

Lohar’s Trials lohar's trial event is one of the most important events for beginners and free-to-play players, thanks to its abundant rewards and the chance of obtaining high-quality epic commander sculptures, Lohar.

This event comes frequently once a month and lasts for 2 days. You should never skip!

Lohar’s Trial Event Rules

  • Defeat barbarian troops on the map to receive the event item: Lohar's Bone Necklace Bone Necklaces.
  • Open the Bone Necklaces in your Inventory to receive lots of rewards. You will also have a chance to obtain Lohar Relics, including Lohar's Longbow Lohar’s Longbow  and Lohar's Buckler Lohar’s Buckler.
  • Open these relics to summon Lohar and his elite troops near your city. After defeating him, you and your allies will receive incredible rewards, including Lohar Sculptures!

lohars trial event

Bones Necklaces

Obtaining this item is easy, players just have to defeat barbarians of any level on the map, it is 100% guaranteed that it will give you “Lohar's Bone Necklace Bone Necklaces“.

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We can open them to earn many varied rewards that include: Food resources,Gem gems, Universal Speedup speeds, arrows of resistance, and mainly “Lohar's Longbow Lohar’s Longbow” and “Lohar's Buckler Lohar’s Buckler”, which can be used to summon an army of Lohar nearby the city.

Players need to eliminate the Lohar army through an Alliance Rally where all members can participate by joining and obtain random rewards such as: Resources, Speeds, Gems and mainly Sculptures of the Commander Lohar to summon and upgrade him.

Each member who participates in the Rally will be rewarded individually, and all members of the Alliance will receive a gift that can include these same rewards with smaller amounts.

Lohar's Trial Rewards


Who is Lohar?

Lohar is an epic commander specialized in PVE activities.

He has the ideal skillset and talents for farming Barbarian troops, neutral units, and Forts.

He increases the experience gained from defeating those units, buffing the damage dealt to them, and at the same time maintains an impressive healing skill upon leaving a battle.


  • Excellent commander for PVE
  • Great healing factor when defeating troops.
  • Huge increase XP gained from defeating neutral units
  • Increase damage vs Neutral units


  • Bad for PVP


This is an important event for any player in Rise of Kingdoms, and much more important for beginners, where they can get an excellent Epic commander that will be useful for most of their journey.

You should not miss these rewards as they will help you increase your reserves of resources, gems, and speedups by a lot! Don’t hesitate to spend your Action Points in this event, it’s totally worth it!

If you have mini-farm accounts, it is even much better as you can use them all at once to join the rally for making the most of them, and you don’t have to wait for the Alliance members to be online!

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