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League Bets Event

League Bets” is an event in Rise of Kingdoms that is accompanied by “Osiris League“, once the 32 best alliances (Playoffs) of each realm are ready to face each other for the League Champion.

All governors will be able to place their bets through this event to the alliances of the Osiris domain that they belong to.

“League Bets” has 3 new tabs that are added within the “Osiris League” event

Eye for Talent

Eye for Talent

Event rules

  • During the event, Governors logging in for the first time will be awarded with “ Mark of the Champion”, which can be used to support participating alliances during the Playoffs. “ Marks of the Champions” can also be used to exchange for items in the Champion Shop.
  • When governors are placing a bet on any one alliance, system will accumulate on top of that alliance an amount equal to the expended ” Marks of Champion” multiplied by the Multiplier at that time. (The icon of the corresponding alliance will show a number of marks after Multiplier calculations)
  • Governors can bet on multiple alliance at the same time, and Add Bet to the same alliance at different times. While using Add Bet, the marks will continue to accumulate on top of existing marks for the corresponding alliance.
  • If an alliance you supported became the champion, then you will earn a corresponding amount of “ Marks of the Champion” as reward.
  • If an alliance a Governor supported did not become the champion, then all “ Marks of Champion” used to place bets will be refunded within 24 hours after the Finals.
  • For each round, Governors can only place bets on days of non-competition.
  • The Bet Multiplier will decrease as the matches’ progress, until eventually Governors can no longer participate in the event after the Finals.
  • Marks of the Champions” can be obtained from purchasing the “Mark of the Champion” bundle, and from completing quests every week in the “Allure of Gold” event.
  • Governors can only bet on alliances that belong to the same realm as his or her kingdom, at the end of the Osiris League Rest Period.

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Champion Shop
Items Quantity Available Price
1 100
5 15
10 3
1 40
4 10
10 3
10 3
12 1
15 1

League Bets

Event rules

  • Once “Osiris League” playoffs begin, governors will be able to place league bet each week from Monday to Saturday UTC.
  • Governors may place bets on each battle, but may only bet on one side in any given battle. Once a bet has been placed, it may be raised but not withdrawn.
  • Aurics can only be earned from the “League Bets” and “Allure of Gold” events.
  • At the end of each battle, all bets placed on the losing side will be divided up among the governors who placed bets on the winning side. The winnings received by each governor are proportional to the size of the individual bets placed. In addition, winners will also be returned their entire original bet.
  • At the end of each battle, losing governors will be returned one half of their original bet.
  • At the end of the event, all unused “ Aurics” will be reclaimed as Food at a 1:1 ratio.
  • You can only bet on battles that belong to your current realm. And you cannot bet on a battle that is by your own alliance, even if it is a battle that has completed its rest period.
  • Governors can only use “ Aurics” from the current season to place bets and exchange for rewards.

Auric Shop
Items Quantity Available Price
1 10,000
5 1,500
1 100
1 100
10 250
20 270
20 50
10 300
50 60
10 230
10 200
50 40

 Allure of Gold

Allure of Gold” is the event where we must complete daily and weekly missions to win “ Aurics” and “ Mark of Champion”.

Event rules

  • Complete quests to earn “ Aurics“.
  • You can use “ Aurics” to participate in the “League Betting” event. Aurics can be exchanged for items during the event.
  • During the events, Daily Quests wil be reset every day at 12:00 AM UTC. Weekly Quests will be reser every Monday at 12:00 AM UTC.

Daily Quest

Collect 20,000 Resources in the City 30
Defeat Barbarians 10 Times 30
Train 2,000 Units 30
Gather 20,000 Resources on the Map 30


Weekly Quest

Make 1 League Bets 100
Purchase 50 Items in the Courier Station 1


Logged in for 5 Days 250
Earn 1,000 Aurics 200
Use a total of 5,000 minutes worth of Training 1


Each season has a maximum duration and only rewards and bets can be made during this period.

All the governors will be able to participate by placing their bets on the team or teams that we want to support the most, the rewards are a luxury, even if our bets are not correct we can exchange some of these.

Good luck to all, we hope that the alliances for which they bet are winners.

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