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Hero Returns Event

Hero Returns” is an initial event in Rise of Kingdoms that has a duration of 8 days.

During this event, players can exchange a specific amount of “Emblems of Loyalty” to obtain incredible rewards such as epic sculptures and Commander Cleopatra VII.

Exchange your “Emblems of Loyalty” for incredible awards!

Event Rules

Participate in the “Rise of Kingdoms” event to obtain “Emblems of Loyalty“, then exchange them for amazing rewards!


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Exchange Rewards

Cost Rewards Qty
Emblem of Loyalty x50 Cleopatra VIII Sculpture x10 only available for VIP 5 1
Emblem of Loyalty x2 Epic Commander Sculpture Starting Commander Sculpture x1 20
Emblem of Loyalty x2 Silver Key Silver Key x1 20
Emblem of Loyalty x2 Universal Speedup 60-Minute Speedup x1 20
Emblem of Loyalty x1 food item Food 50,000 x1 10
Emblem of Loyalty x1 wood item Wood 50,000 x1 10
Emblem of Loyalty x1 stone item Stone 37,500 x1 10

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