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Complete Plan Event

“Complete Plan” is an event in Rise of Kingdoms with the duration of 2 days. The rewards and missions are reset daily, therefore we will have 24 hours to complete all of the tasks. During the event, governors can complete event-related quests to get a wealth of rewards!

Complete Plan Event

Log in today

Our first mission is to log in, that is, when connecting to our account we will fulfill this and take the corresponding reward.

Open Silver Keys in the Tavern

You need to use 5 “Silver Keys” in our tavern to complete this mission. Using the ones that the game gives us daily; complete this task easily and quickly.

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Gather Resource from points until they are empty

Simple, you only need to finish any resource point, it can be a point that is full of resources to the top or that only contains 100 corn, just finish it. Even if we seek to quickly complete these tasks, we can collect gems that are much faster, 5 is the maximum of the objectives.

Gather Resources from Points Until They Are Empty Rewards

Purchase Items in the Courier Station

Whenever the “Mysterious Merchant” arrives in the city, we must take advantage of and buy all offers for resources.

Many of these can be speeds, stars for commanders, tomes of knowledge and some speeups and resource packages.

It is not necessary to waste on the offers for gems, this is an indispensable resource for other more important and much more valuable events. Please check out the Gem Spending Guide for more details!

We always have the 2nd opportunity to reload the offers for free to get more offers, even if the “Mysterious Merchant” does not appear, she will soon arrive or we can make her come to our city by finishing the training of some troops in the barracks or buildings.

By completing this mission “Purchase 10 items in the Courier Station” our main reward will be “Crystal Key” to unlock or develop pieces of equipment for our commanders.

Challenge Sunset Canyon

In these last missions of the event, players need to do challenges in “Sunset Canyon” to earn its rewards, it does not matter if we win or lose the challenges, it is simply to participate in them.

“Sunset Canyon” is a very important event in Rise of Kingdoms since it has unique rewards daily and at the end of the week through a Ranking system, if you want to know tricks, tips and everything related to this event you can check it here:

Challenge Sunset Canyon Rewards
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