Arms Training Event

What is the Arms Training Event?

During the Arms Training Event, players need to keep defeating the Armsmaster Lohar summoned nearby the city without returning home, and you can only use a single march.

To summon the boss Armsmaster Lohar, we must select a first skill of from a given set.

Each time we defeat him, we will earn 10,000 more points. Every 3 times, we defeat him, he will become much stronger as we have to select another skill for him and so on.

There are 10 skills in total:

Boss Lohar Skills

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Skills Description

Strike of Vengance

Lohar’s troops have a 10% chance on attack to dish out an additional Strike of Vengeance, dealing damage equal to 500% of normal attack. Whenever damaged by a skill, immediately retaliate with a Strike of Vengeance.

Combo Shots

Lohar’s active skill is powered up to “Combo Shots” whenever using “Lethal Shot”, there is a 50% chance to use “Lethal Shot” again, to a maximum of 5 times.

Will of Battle

During an engagement of battle, when Lohar’s troop units are reduced to 50%, after 10 seconds immediately heal to 30% troop units.

Rapid Regeneration

Whenever attacked Lohar´s troops have a 10% chance to heal troop units by 1%, and in the next 10 seconds continuously heal troop units.

Reinforced Armor

Every 10 seconds, Lohar´s troops gain a shield (Damage Factor 1000) for 5 seconds. While the shield is active, incoming normal attack damage is reduced by 20%.

Master of the Bow

Lohar´s mastery of the bow allows him to snipe enemy wrists with incredible accuracy, causing them to drop their weapons. When Lohar uses this skill, your troops will become disarmed (Normal attacks disabled) for 2 seconds.

No Retreat

When Lohar´s troop strength is lower than 50%, his troops deal an extra 20% normal attack damage and 20% counterattack damage, and take 20% less skill damage.

Malignant Venom

Lohar´s troops add a stack of poison with each attack, lasting 10 seconds and stacking up to 30 times (duration is refreshed when a stack is added). Each stack increases damage taken from all sources by 1%.

Wild Rage

Attacks have a 10% chance to deal extra damage once (Damage Factor: 1000) and silence the target for 3 seconds.


Whenever attacked, Lohar has a 30% chance to remove debuffs from his troops, and at the same time increase their attack and defense by 15% for 3 seconds.

These skills can be selected in a specific order that suits us the best. The boss Lohar also has 2 passive skills, which are available from the first level:

  • Armed to the Teeth: Damage taken from infantry units Infantry reduced by 20%.
  • To The Death: Healing and reinforcements are disabled when challenging Armsmaster Lohar.

Best Lohar Skill Unlock Order

It’s recommended to unlock his skills following the order below:

How to Beat Armsmaster Lohar in Arms Training Event

By having 10 passive skills, plus two starting skills, Lohar will not be an easy target here if we want to achieve the maximum rewards.

Here are some of the most effective tips and tricks to defeat Lohar in this event.

  • We must use Archers Archer or Cavalry Cavalry units. Infantry units will not be useful against Lohar since their attack is decreased by 20%.
  • With T4 units and good commanders we can only settle for beating the last of the reward chests.
  • You must have T5 units in order to reach the latest level and get the top ranking.
  • Use Runes of Attack, Defense, or Health that appear in the “Holy Sites”.
  • Use army expansion item “Basic” or “Advanced” to increase the resistance and troop capacity.
  • Use attack or defense buff items such as Attack or Defense Enhanced 12h-24h.
  • Request some important realm title to increase our combat stats like “General” or “Justice”.
  • If possible, take advantage of the use of alliance skills such as “Books & Battle”.
  • We can also activate the “War Frenzy” to get some more damage (by scouting any player on the map).

Best Commanders for Arms Training Event

CavalryCavalry ArcherArcher integration Others

Genghis Khanminamoto no yoshitsuneTakeda ShingenCao Cao

Yi Seong-GyeEdward of Woodstockramesses

AethelflaedOsman ILohar

“Cavalry” and “Archer” in any of their combinations are excellent to overcome each of the levels.

With the “Others” commanders, we can only aspire to some chests and perhaps the last of these, but they are F2P commanders that in some Lohar levels will cease to be effective due to their power capacity.

No infantry commander is recommended even though they have great resistance for troops or absorption of great damage. Most of their skills are unfavorable against Lohar as he is reducing the attack of all infantry troops and not being able to use any type of healings which are their specialties.

This is not an easy event for F2P players who have just started in Rise of Kingdoms. If your goal is to aspire to the top positions in the ranking, at least you must have a pair of Legendary commanders of this type, heavily equipped and with T5 units.

Arms Training Event Rewards

There are two types of rewards in this event, those that we can obtain for exceeding levels with a certain amount of points, and the final rewards for Ranking classification.

By score:

By ranking:




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