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Arms Training Event

0What is the Arms Training Event?

During the Arms Training Event, players need to keep defeating the Armsmaster Lohar summoned nearby the city without returning home, and you can only use a single march.

To summon the boss Armsmaster Lohar, we must select a first skill of from a given set.

Each time we defeat him, we will earn 10,000 more points. Every 3 times, we defeat him, he will become much stronger as we have to select another skill for him and so on.

Armasmaster Lohar has organized a session of Arms Training. Use this opportunity to gain valuable battle experience!

  • When Arms Training begins, Armsmaster Lohar has two Starting Skills and one Active Skill. Every 3rd time you defeat Lohar’s troops, he will level up and activate a new skill. Governors can choose which new skills he activates.
  • Governors can only use one troops for the entire duration of each training session. In other words, as soon as any troop enters a session of Arms Training, subsequent battles during this session must be completed by that same troops, and it cannot receive any healing until training ends. No reinforcement troops are allowed.
  • Armsmaster Lohar’s troops count as elite barbarians. Buffs and skills which provide a damage bonus against barbarians do not work in this event.
  • Once a Governor’s troop has been defeated, given up, returned to city, or has defeated a fully-upgrade Lohar 3 times, the session ends and Points are calculated.
  • Each time you defeat Lohar’s troops once, you earn 10,000 Points.
  • If you were defeated midway, you will gain Bonus Points which are based on a percentage of the number of troops you defeated in your last battle with Lohar multiplied by 10,000.
  • If you defeat a fully-upgrade Lohar 3 times, then Bonus Points will be based on the percentage of troops remaining multiplied by 10,000.
  • Returning to your city mid-battle or giving up training will not award Bonus Points.
  • Governors can start training sessions more than once per day. The highest points achieved will be counted as the final score.
  • If a server is taken down for maintenance, any training session in progress will be forcefully ended. If you receive notification impeding server maintenance, please be sure to complete your training session before the server goes offline.

How to defeat Armsmaster Lohar in Arms Training Event.

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By having 10 passive skills, plus two starting skills, Lohar will not be an easy target here if we want to achieve the maximum rewards.

Here are some of the most effective tips and tricks to defeat Lohar in this event.

  • With T4 units and good commanders we can only settle for beating the last of the reward chests.
  • You must have T5 units in order to reach the latest level and get the top ranking.
  • Use Runes of Attack, Defense, or Health that appear in the “Holy Sites”.
  • Use army expansion item “Basic” or “Advanced” to increase the resistance and troop capacity.
  • Use attack or defense buff items such as Attack or Defense Enhanced 12h-24h.
  • Request some important realm title to increase our combat stats like “General” or “Justice”.
  • If possible, take advantage of the use of alliance skills such as “Books & Battle”.
  • We can also activate the “War Frenzy” to get some more damage (by scouting any player on the map).
  • Use your best commander equipment.

Best Pairing Commanders for Arms Training Event

Infantry Infantry Archer Archer Cavalry Cavalry Leadership Mixed
Charles MartelGuan YuHarald SigurdssonrichardPakal II Yi Seong-Gyeramesses Cyrus II the GreatKeira xiang yuminamoto no yoshitsuneSaladinGenghis KhanWilliam ICao Cao

Trajanmoctezuma i Rise of Kingdoms

Cavalry, Archer and Infantry in any of their combinations are excellent to overcome each of the levels.

This is not an easy event for F2P players who have just started in Rise of Kingdoms. If your goal is to aspire to the top positions in the ranking, at least you must have a pair of Legendary commanders of this type, heavily equipped and with T5 units.


Rank Rewards
Rank 1 x2 x20 x20 x20 x1
Rank 2 x10 x15 x15 x15 x1
Rank 3 x5 x10 x10 x10 x1
Rank 4-10 x3 x8 x8 x8  x1
Rank 11-20 x2 x20 x5 x5  x1
Rank 21-50 x1 x15 x5 x5
Rank 51-100 x1 x10 x3 x3


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