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Eve of the Crusade Event Guide

Eve of the Crusade Event Information

  1. The “Eve of the Crusade” event is divided into three stages. During each stage, governors can perform certain in-game actions to earn individual crusade points and kingdom crusade points.
  2. Multiple kingdoms will participate together in this event, and all event ranking lists will be cross-kingdom rankings.
  3. Crusade points will determine kingdom ranking and special kingdom buffs that will take effect in the Lost Kingdom.
  4. Players will get individual rewards and buffs for the whole Kingdoms.
  5. Upon completion of the “Eve of the Crusade” event, the – ancient passageway beneath the Lost Temple will be opened, governors from different kingdoms will be able to teleport onto the new map The Lost Kingdom.

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the next crusade

Stage 1: The Lost Secret 

This event really needs you to consume a lot of Action Point Action Points. This is the best way for free-to-play players to participate because you’re only using your action points here. Using approximately about 30,000 Action Point Action Points will grant you a lot of rewards. If you are free-to-play players, this is the time for you guys to shine and show you are the real grinders in the game!

The Lost Temple was built to guard a deadly, ancient secret. Will we unravel its mysteries before it is too late?

  • Objective: Killing Marauders
  • Duration: 3 days

A new breed of barbarian has appeared in the kingdom. They are stronger and more ferocious, and governors who have defeated them in battle have discovered that they carry mysterious scraps of parchment containing miraculous drawings.

eve of the crusade stage 1

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  1. Defeat Marauders in your Kingdom to receive Worn Leather Satchels, which have a chance to contain Scraps of Parchment.
  2. Collect a complete set of 7 different Scraps of Parchment and exchange them for Kingdom Supply Chests containing abundant rewards.
  3. Each time you exchange a set of Scraps of Parchment for Kingdom Supply Chests, you will receive individual crusade points and earn kingdom crusade points for your kingdom.
  4. All unused items will be reclaimed at the end of this stage, so don’t forget to use them.
  5. Exchange a complete set of Scraps of Parchment: 5000 points


  • You’re going to really be using a lot of Action Point action points so you really wan to save up those Action Point action points.
  • If you want to spend a bit in the game, you will want to buy the Treasure of Kings because it contains a great amount of Action Point action points for you.
  • If you are not a spender, you should always be doing your daily quests since it also contains some Action Point action points.
  • Another way for you to obtain a lot of these Action Point action point recovery potions is to join a very active Alliance, which does a lot of Barbarian Forts every day. This is because you will gain these action point recovery from the Alliance Fort gifts.

rise of kingdoms marauders
Marauders in Rise of Kingdoms


No one knows where the Marauders came from, but they are different than the enemies our Kingdom has previously faced. Attacking Marauders will expend Action Point action points, but Action Point action points will recover over time.

marauder icon rok
If you zoom out a it, you can easily find Marauders on the map as they have a rhombus icon.

When marauders are defeated, all troops that participated in the attack with receive rich rewards. Dispatching multiple armies or teaming up with your allies is a great way to maximize your rewards received from each marauder.

Marauders give a lot higher rewards than Barbarians, including the amount of XP, and you will also get Worn Leather Satchel, which will be used for exchanging rewards.

Marauders are considered as level 25 Barbarians so they are not hard to kill. It is recommended to send 5 dispatches at once to kill them to get the higher chance on getting the Satchels.

Quick Look at the Rewards

At the end of the events, here are the rewards players could get:

Individual Rewards

Rank Rewards

40xGem100-Gem Tokens
60xLegendary Commander Sculpture Legendary Commander Sculptures
40xEpic Commander Sculpture Epic Commander Sculptures
5xUniversal Speedup24-hour Universal Speedups
10xUniversal Speedup8-hour Universal Speedups.


30xGem100-Gem Tokens
40xLegendary Commander Sculpture Legendary Commander Sculptures
30xEpic Commander Sculpture Epic Commander Sculptures
3xUniversal Speedup24-hour Universal Speedups
8xUniversal Speedup8-hour Universal Speedups.


20xGem100-Gem Tokens
30xLegendary Commander Sculpture Legendary Commander Sculptures
25xEpic Commander Sculpture Epic Commander Sculptures
2xUniversal Speedup24-hour Universal Speedups
5xUniversal Speedup8-hour Universal Speedups.


10xGem100-Gem Tokens
15xLegendary Commander Sculpture Legendary Commander Sculptures
20xEpic Commander Sculpture Epic Commander Sculptures
1xUniversal Speedup24-hour Universal Speedups
3xUniversal Speedup8-hour Universal Speedups.


5xGem100-Gem Tokens
10xLegendary Commander Sculpture Legendary Commander Sculptures
15xEpic Commander Sculpture Epic Commander Sculptures
2xUniversal Speedup8-hour Universal Speedups

Kingdom Rewards

Rank Rewards
1 All Damage + 3%
2 All Damage.+ 2%
3 All Damage.+ 1%
4 Gathering Speed +5%
5 Training Speed + 3%

eve of the crusade stage 2

Stage 2: Prepare for the Battle

A rallying cry goes up throughout the land. Great armies assemble and prepare to enter the forgotten kingdom.

  • Objective: Training Troops
  • Duration: 3 days

A rallying cry goes up throughout the land. Great armies assemble and prepare to enter the forgotten kingdom.

The scraps of parchment carried by the barbarians have brought forgotten wonders to light once more. It is now known that the tunnel beneath the Lost Temple leads to the hallowed lands of the barbarian tribes: the Lost Kingdom. The forefathers of civilization entered this kingdom during their Last Crusade and never returned. Today, it is time for us to take up their righteous cause once more…

  1. Train troops during the event to receive individual crusade points and earn kingdom crusade points for your kingdom.
  2. Upgrading units will award points equivalent to the different between the point rewards for each tier.

How to get Points

  1. Train 1 Tier 1 unit = 1 point
  2. Train 1 Tier 2 unit = 2 point
  3. Train 1 Tier 3 unit = 4 point
  4. Train 1 Tier 4 unit = 8 point
  5. Train 1 Tier 5 unit = 20 points


  • Just do your best and push as much troops that you can allow yourself to get.
  • Don’t try to expect your points to be as high as the whale players.


Stage 3: Clash of Civilizations

  • Objective: Defeating Marauder Encampments
  • Duration: 3 days

This event is very similar to King of Tribes.

The Marauders have been joined by exalted Barbarians, who have constructed massive encampments throughout our Kingdom. You must destroy them if you wish to enter the Lost Kingdom!

  1. Marauder encampments will appear throughout the kingdom during this event.
  2. Marauder encampments can only be attacked by rally attacks. All governors who participate in the attack will receive the same number of individual crusade points.
  3. Each encampment that is destroyed will earn kingdom crusade points for your Kingdom.

Destroy a marauder encampment: 1500 points.

marauder encampment

Marauder Fortress

The marauders have constructed imposing strongholds all across the kingdom. Destroying them is the only way to gain entrance to the Lost Kingdom.

  1. You will only suffer minor losses from attacking marauder encampments. All slightly wounded units will recover once they return to the city.
  2. Attacking marauder encampments will expend action points, but action points will recover over time.
  3. When marauder encampments are destroyed, all troops that participated in the attack will receive rich rewards. Troops that dealt more damage to the encampment will receive greater rewards.
  4. Marauder encampments are garrisoned by countless warriors, so their attack will not decrease during the course of the battle.
  5. Marauder encampments must be destroyed

Marauder encampments are classified as Level 6 Fort Trophy. So they give you more rewards

marauder encampment rewards


  • Leaders should designate some of the players to be the rally captains. They are the ones who have highest Castles so that more players joining into that rallies, meaning more players can gain points.
  • Focus Barbarian farming Commanders like Lohar, Boudica, Minamoto, Cao Cao, Belisarius etc to finish off the Marauder Encampments faster.

Lost Kingdom Stages Overview Strategy Guide and Tips  | Rise of Kingdoms

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