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Esmeralda’s Prayer Event

Want to try your luck?

Event Rules

  • You can participate in the event by spending Esmeralda’s Wishing Coins.
  • Spend Wishing Coins to spin the wheel and receive the prize indicated by the pointer. Prize amounts are limited and will not be replenished once depleted.
  • Prizes are divided into 8 types of normal prizes and 4 types of special prizes. When all 4 of the special prizes have been won, you will automatically receive all of the remaining prizes on the wheel, and do not need to spin it again.
  • The chances of winning a certain prize type may decreased due to reductions in the amount remaining. Correspondingly, the chances of winning other prize types may increase as the amount of those prizes decreases.
  • Each time the wheel is spun, you must spend at least 1 Wishing Coin. For subsequent spins you may spend up to 3 Wishing Coins. For each extra Wishing Coin you spend, you will gain an extra pointer. Each pointer is separate from the other pointers.
  • Once the wheel has been cleared, Leftover Wishing Coins can be exchanged for Golden Keys, Crystal Keys, or 8-Hour Speedups. Unexchanged Wishing Coins will be reclaimed.


Special Prize Chance

Mighty Forest (Permanent)

Florarl Ornament

Blueprint Choice Chest

3-Day Speedup

0.52% 0.52% 0.08% 0.08%

Normal Prize Chance

Hints Probability
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest 4.70%
Golden Key 12.94%
Level 4 “Pick One” Resource Chest 9.41%
Bundle of Dazzling Starlight Sculptures 12.55%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest 10.35%
8-Hour Training Speedup 12.55%
Legendary Commander Sculpture 13.72%
8-Hour Speedup 22.58%

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Esmeralda’s Collection

Nothing but the best!

Event Rules

  • During the event you can participate in Daily Quests or Blessings from Above.
  • Daily Quests are reset every day and must be completed before they are reset.
  • “Blessings from Above” are effective throughout the entire event. However, before some quests can be completed, certain designated quests must be completed first.
Daily Quest Blessings from Above
Defeat Barbarians 30 times 1 Logged in for 5 Days 5
Purchase 15 items in the Courier Station 1 Gain 60 or more chests in “Dreams of Spring” during the event 4
Gather from 2 resource points until they are empty 1 Spend a total of 3,000 Gems 4
Train 2,000 Units 1 Destroy 20 Barbarian Forts 4

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