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Esmeralda’s House Event

Esmeralda's HouseEsmeralda’s House” is an event that comes to Rise of Kingdoms with the purpose of rewarding players equipment materials for spending Gem gems.

This event is quite similar to “More Than Gems” only here we will obtain varied equipment chests and other rewards.

Esmeralda’s House Tips

  • As F2P players, we don’t recommend the excessive expenditure of gems in this event, we have other more important places to spend the gems on such as Legendary Commander Sculpture Commanders and vip point VIP levels.
  • If you are looking to obtain some of the most advanced and difficult Legendary and Epic materials in the game, this is a great event. But it’s all a matter of luck to obtain them, the probability is low but not impossible.
  • In one way or another, you will always obtain valuable rewards, even as you advance in the number of chances you use, you will unlock chests that offer great rewards corresponding to the event.
  • You can get many speedups of various types during the duration of this event, these are the ones with the highest probability.

Esmeralda’s House Event Rules

  • During the event, governors can perform divinations for a chance to receive a random reward.
  • Perform more divinations to receive better rewards.
  • In each divination, governors have a chance to receive a gem reward greater than the gem cost of the divination.
  • The rewards received from each divination will always exceed the value of the gems expended.

Rise of Kingdoms Esmeralda's House Event


8-Hour Research Speedup x4 10.08%
8-Hour Training Speedup x4 10.08%
8-Hour Building Speedup x4 10.08%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x 4 8.064%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x 4 8.064%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x3 2.016%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x1 3.225%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x2 8.064%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x3 4.032%
Equipment Materials Choice Chest x1 12.096%
Level 4 “Pick One” Resource Chest x5 24.193%

You can get extra Rewards by levels of divination chests.

Chances Rewards
Chest 10
  • Equipment Material Choice x2
  • Universal Speedup Speedup (15h) x3
Chest 20
  • Equipment Material Choice x3
  • food item Food 500,000 x8
  • wood item Wood 500,000 x8
  • stone item Stone 375,000 x8
  • gold item Gold 200,000 x8
Chest 40
  • Equipment Material Choice x1
  • Equipment Material Choice x3
  • Universal Speedup Speedup (24h) x2
Chest 70
  • Equipment Material Choice x2
  • Universal Speedup Speedup (24h) x3
  • Building Speedup Building Speedup (8h) x5
  • Training Speedup Training Speedup (8h) x5
  • Research Speedup Research Speedup (8h) x5
Chest 100
  • Advanced Army Expansion x2
  • Equipment Material Choice x3

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