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Dev Feedback December – 2

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to another Face-to-Face With the Developers. Recently, we released the “Formation System” and the new story “King of the Nile” across some Kingdoms as a Pioneer feature, which has drawn many Governors’ attention. If you have any thoughts about the new feature, feel free to join the discussion in our communities, and we will collect your opinions as a reference and answer your questions.

We have also collected the suggestions made by most Governors in our community regarding other features of the game. Below is a Q&A as a reply to all.


Q: I hope Commanders can be reset once in a while.

A: Commanders and their related resources are an important part of the game’s core data. We still retain a discreet attitude towards the Commander reset feature, and will not develop one for all Governors for the time being. We have also noticed that many beginner Governors have trained Commanders that do not match their expectations due to unfamiliarity with the feature. This has caused a distinguishable gap between beginner Governors and other Governors. In regard to this situation, we are currently planning to launch a Commander reset event in some new Kingdoms for Governors with accounts registered no more than 15 days.

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Q: I hope Naval Warfare can be held more often than Champions of Olympia.

A: Naval Warfare will not be held as often as Champions of Olympia, but we will try to hold more Naval Warfare events during festival events. We are also developing more modes to enrich all Governors’ daily gaming experience.


Q: The matchmaking mechanism of Champions of Olympia is not fair.

A: We have also spotted this issue during our recent data review and have started the matchmaking optimization for Champions of Olympia. We will inform you immediately once the optimization is ready to be updated.


Q: I hope the Practice Matches of Ark of Osiris can be held across Alliances and even Kingdoms.

A: For now, we don’t plan to make any changes to the Practice Match mode of Ark of Osiris. We are currently developing a feature to allow official matches to be organized and held more easily. Once developed, all our official communities will hold more community competitions including, but not limited to, online leagues, offline leagues, and championships. We’d love to provide every Governor with more opportunities to join competitions other than Ark of Osiris and Osiris League to hone their skills.


Q: I suggest you remove the Siege Weapon Technology from Crystal Technologies. It’s totally useless.

A: We are currently changing the general design concept of the Siege Weapon unit. In the Formation System, Siege Weapon will be granted brand new abilities. We hope other than a carrier vehicle, Siege Weapon can also be a battle unit that has great value in the battle system. By then, the Crystal Technology can make Siege Weapon even stronger in battle.


Q: When a T1 Troop is used to fight against a T5 Troop, it is not fair that the loss cost of the T1 Troop is much less than that of the T5 Troop.

A: We’ve noticed this situation and are planning to grant an additional Buff to high-level units when they fight against low-level units in the Past Glory quest of Season of Conquest, to avoid the situation happening again. With the mentioned Buff, there will be a noticeable decrease in the ratio of the severely wounded units if a Governor’s troop unit level is clearly higher than the enemy’s. We are currently testing the details and prerequisites and will launch this Buff in recent version updates. Please stay tuned for future announcements to learn more details.


This has been another Face-to-Face With the Developers. If you have any other suggestions related to the topics we discussed today, we welcome all Governors to let us know via the in-game community or customer service.


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