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Dev Feedback December – 1

S: Please, give back the old pc version design and also bring zooming in and out with the right click

A: After the last update, we received a lot of feedback on the new PC version. We understand that some of the changes may be inconvenient if players are used to playing in a particular layout. Based on the feedback, we’ve already made the following adjustments:

1) You can now change the key bindings for combination shortcuts in the Shortcuts Settings menu. Previously set shortcut keys can also be changed.

2) Text clarity has been improved, and readability issues with lower-resolution graphics have been fixed.

3) Frequently used buttons at the bottom of the main window have been given shortcuts.

Regarding the zooming in and out feature, in one of the next updates, we will add a function so that, in windowed mode, you can scale the size of the game window. At the same time, we’ll continue to optimize the game experience on PC slowly based on community feedback, so feel free to leave more suggestions in the suggestions channel on Discord.

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S: Please add the fort search option

A: We won’t be adding this option as we believe the manual hunt for forts should be part of the game experience.


S: Please Revamp the Golden Kingdom Event, it’s boring. I don’t even play it for the rewards despite being able to win it. It just doesn’t feel like something I would like to spend my time on in a day. I would rather chat with someone in the game, lol.

A: Thank you for the feedback. We’ll think about improving the event, but first, we need to go through separate discussion rounds. Therefore, changes in future updates might only be made after a longer review period.


S: Can you change the immigration system and exclude those below 25m power to the immigration quota when migrating to and 35m below power on kvk3? Ever since the immigration system changed, there are lots of players who are not happy with it, especially the f2p and low spenders. Most of them stop playing the game because they can’t migrate back to kvk2 and 3.

A: In order to maintain the balance of power in the kingdoms, we’ve made complex changes to the immigration system. However, recently we’ve received a lot of feedback about how complicated migration is now. We’re aware of this sentiment, but at the same time, it’s difficult to find the golden balance between solving the balance of power in the kingdoms and simplifying the immigration system. We’ll consider your feedback and bring it up for discussion at our meetings.


S: Add more items to the sellable list at the alliance shop

Once the endgame is reached – a number of items in your inventory become useless or there are more superior options to choose from. For example:
– Lohar’s Longbow
– Lohar’s Buckler
– 12 hour attack boosts
– 12 hour defense boosts
– 8 hour gathering speed boosts
– 8 hour resource production boosts

A number of these items have superior versions that are received in such an abundance that the lower version of them never get used. Adding them to the alliance shop’s sellable inventory list would allow players to trade these tokens in for items that are far more useable, such as teleports and speedups. Obviously, a balance would be needed to determine the unit value of each item, but it would be great to expand the usability of the alliance shop and allow more players to have access to the items that really matter to their development and play style.


A: Thank you very much for this suggestion. We’ll discuss it further within our team and consider adding more valuable items to the Alliance Shop. However, the final list of added items may differ from those mentioned above.


S: Add seasons like (spring, summer, fall, and winter) and weather conditions ( ) overall PVE additions.

A: Those are good suggestions. However, since it takes a great deal of work and resources to bring those elements into play, and also given the agenda that we’ve planned, we don’t see an opportunity to consider those suggestions for the time being.


S: Add the «claim all» button on rare alliance gift.

A: After feedback from governors, we’ve already added the “Claim All” button for normal alliance gifts. However, we’ll not add this option for rare alliance gifts for the time being.


S: Make it that for ark and Osiris league, it doesn’t matter if the hospital is full. Makes some people debate between KVK and ark.

A: We understand that full hospitals might prevent some players from participating in the Arc of Osiris/ Osiris League during KvK, especially if the timing overlaps. Thank you for this suggestion, we’ll consider it in the future.


S: Add materials to the alliance shop

A: We’re always trying to find new ways/events to allow players to get more materials, but adding materials to the alliance doesn’t seem like a good change when it comes to balancing the value of materials. Therefore, we won’t be bringing this change to the alliance shop.


S: Only a small thing, but make it so we can decline friend requests.

A: Thank you for the suggestion. We’ve forwarded your idea to our IM department, and hopefully, this option will be available in one of the next updates.


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