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Dev Feedback “Community Suggestions”

Suggestions under consideration:

S1: Please enable push notification on our phone or PC if alliance members are being rallied or our flag, center fortress, or holy site.

A: Your suggestion has been well received! We will consider ways to optimize the notification system for various in-game events.


S2: Add the ability to disable targeting of allied (blue) units when fighting in the field.

A: Thank you for the great suggestion! We are currently in the process of optimizing features to improve the selection accuracy during battles.

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S3: Can you please add a Lock function in the Armies tab? Sometimes I select all the marches by double tapping on the commander icon on the Armies tab, but it selects all of them. Would be helpful if we could lock specific armies which will be excluded from the double tapping.

A: Great suggestion! We are planning on improving the select-all feature in future updates.


S4: Add a speedup count in the game so we can automatically see how many days of speedups we have.

A: Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely bring up the suggestion in future internal meetings to discuss the possibility of adding this in a future update.


S5: Put YSG and the gold key Commanders in the Re-Release chests.

A: As selective Commanders are also available through daily bundles, this suggestion will not be prioritized for the time being.


S6: Enable R4/R5 to kick people from alliance structures even in home kingdom. That feature exists in Lost Kingdom; why not extend it to Home Kingdom, where it’s useful for those using flag slow builds to generate credits.

A: Thank you for the feedback. While we understand the necessity of efficient alliance management within kingdoms, to ensure an embracing environment for all players, we do encourage governors to address the issue via internal communication over forced removal in home kingdoms.


S7: Add new maps to Champions of Olympia

A: Thanks for the suggestion! We are indeed planning on adding new maps to Champions of Olympia in future updates!

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Gamer, friend, Governor in Rise of Kingdoms and enthusiastic to help the community.

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