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Desert Conquest – New KVK

This is everything you want to know about the new KvK Season of Conquest chapter: Desert Conquest in Rise of Kingdoms!

We have followed the trail of our predecessors in search of incalculable treasure buried deep underground. This search has led us to a barren wasteland filled with abandoned structures and towering monuments to long-lost glories. The very landscape is a challenge as our troops struggle in vain against bitter desert storms that daily frustrate our progress. We have no doubt that any victory here must be won by gradual steps.

Desert Conquest

bastion Bastions are spread throughout the Lost Kingdom, each of them led by a commander and their troops. There are 12 commanders in total for governors to go find.
The Desert Conquest story incorporates the “Sea of Death” terrain, a barren wasteland entirely devoid of resource points and Barbarian Forts. Governors cannot teleport to or build in the Sea of Death.
The colossal statues around the Sea of Death will grant bonuses and significant Prestige upon occupation.
These special structures on the Desert Conquest story map can be attacked from anywhere on the map as long as there are no barriers in the way.


Special Content

In the “Desert Conquest” Story, governors will experience brand-new content.

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The Sea of Death is dotted by Desert Fortresses, control over which grants an overseeing coalition the right to assemble troops therein, providing a launchpad for attacks on nearby Holy Sites or other Fortresses.
A new governor role in the Desert Conquest story: The “General” in command of a Fortress. Generals reserves the right to garrison, rally, dispatch or otherwise control troops belonging to other governors within their Fortress.
Your Prestige Score is a composite of your individual Prestige, Coalition Prestige and Camp Prestige, and is earned by killing/severely wounding enemy troops or occupying Colossi and Holy Sites. Obtain significant prestige to receive a reward from the Crusader Achievements or Honor Roll leaderboard.
A camp reward distributed to governors that can be used to heal severely wounded troops directly in the hospital.
After the story has begun, Governors can build a new structure in their cities: crystal mines.
You can “Work” in the crystal mines to get crystals. Working the mines costs food, wood, stone and gold.
Upgrading the crystal mine will increase the maximum amount of work which can be ordered. At the same time, completing quests given by commanders will increase the work speed.
The crystals which can be mined here are a precious resource. Governors can use them to open up a whole new frontier of research. You can get crystals from: bastion quests, crystal mines, the “War of Conquest” event, Lvl 41 or higher barbarians, Kahar the Hidden, Lvl 11 or higher barbarian forts, the Premium Season Crystal Supply, and certain bundles.
During the story, crystals cannot be plundered by attacker or sent as aid.
Crystals and Healing Potions will be removed once the season is over. Crystal mines the crystal research cent and any effects of any research completed therein will be reset and removed.


Coalition System

During the “Desert Conquest” Story, governors will rally their strength and do battle together.

Join Coalition Governors can join a coalition along with their alliance (coalitions are created by alliance leaders). Alliances must be of the same camp to join the same coalition.
Coalition Features Governors in the same coalition can join each other’s rallies and garrisons, reinforce and repair each other’s buildings, grant alliance help, etc.
Teleport After the “Past Glory” event is over, coalition members can teleport to any member alliance’s territory.
Reward Sharing All coalition members will receive first occupation rewards for holy sites and passes.
Boosts All coalition members will receive boost effects from holy sites and passes, and passes will be open to all member alliances.

After the season ends, coalitions will automatically disband. Say your goodbyes, and prepare for a reunion in the future!

Rewards System

During the “Desert Conquest” Story, governors can exchange season coins and conquest coins for a wide variety of prizes.

Season Coins Complete research projects in the crystal research center to earn season coins.
Conquest Coins Complete Crusader Achievements in the Lost Kingdom to earn Conquest Coins.
Saved Coins Unused season coins and conquest will automatically be saved for next season.
Win ultimate victory in this season to obtain the glorious Champion’s Banner.


Camp System

In the “Desert Conquest” Story, Governors and their kingdoms will be grouped into different camps. Each camp must contain at least 1 kingdom. In order to guarantee balanced camps, the power of all kingdoms in each camp will be counted by the system, and these calculations will be used to arrange fair matchmaking.

Fire Camp Warriors, honoring their ancestors’ covenant, answer the king’s call Gathering at the flame altar, they swear allegiance to the ancestors and the flame. They shall be a raging, inextinguishable fire.
Earth Camp Pious warriors rallied to their kings at the earth altar, kissing the sacred land in an oath to restore their ancestor’s honor. Their knowledge of the land allows them to march effortlessly.
Wind Camp Kings lead their warriors toward the sanctum in the eye of the storm. Only those who pass the trials of the winds are worthy allies. For those that do, the blessings of the wind are well worth it.
Water Camp On the orders of their kings, the warriors gathered at the surge altar. Dreaming of huge waves each night, they are as relentless and unending as the sea itself.

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