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Dekar – New Boss Ceroli Crisis


Dekar is the new boss arriving at Ceroli Crisis in Rise of Kingdoms. Dekar is a powerful boss with very difficult game mechanics. It may be necessary to study and make several attempts before being able to defeat him. His skills are impressive and his abilities on the field will test any player in Rise of Kingdoms.

Disaster Bringer


Dekar’s ancestry dates back to the terrifying witch doctors of the Celta Clan, and devotees to the God of Disaster. It was perhaps not surprising, given witch doctors’ natural talent for both preserving human life with one hand while taking it away with the other, that Dekar was indeed a child prodigy in the herbal arts. Dekar is well-recognized by other magic users as having elevated many shamanistic poison magics to new heights.

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Deka’s talent for magic had not been matched by his charm in the presence of other human beings, and he soon found himself a rather lonely, melancholy figure bereft of close human companionship. Born on Snowpeak, Dekar’s pursuit of higher forms of poison magic has necessitated extensive exploration, and he is well-traveled. Ultimately, Dekar has chosen to settle down in the aptly named, rather humid “Death Forest,” the perfect foil to his poisonous ambitions.

The outbreak of the Ceroli Crisis was not a cause for concern to Dekar, but rather great excitement. The chaos of war would bring many unwitting test subjects into Death Forest, and the waiting arms of this mad herbalist eager to locate more subjects for his strange concoctions.

Skill Details

Skill Description

Serpent’s Kiss

Spends 2500 rage and deals direct damage to the current target (Damage Factor 2000).

Magic Marks

Randomly inflicts either a Lightning or Fire Mark on all troops. This skill may be triggered at most once every 80 seconds.

Shared Blessing

Troops tagged with the same mark gain 20% increased attack for 5 seconds in each other’s vicinity. This buff can be stacked up to 1 time, and triggered up to once every 6 seconds.

Caustic Elements

Troops tagged with different marks will suffer an explosive shockwave in each other’s vicinity, dealing direct damage to all nearby troops (Damage Factor 2000). This effect can be triggered once every 6 seconds.

Nature’s Course

Dekar switches marks between two randomly selected troops at certain intervals.

Corrupting Poison

Dekar summons 2 sentries from the center of the battlefield after an expanding warning zone is indicated. The zone will explode when all sentries have been slain or upon reaching maximum size, dealing damage to all troops within (Damage Factor = 25000 X (number of sentries +1)).

Cursed Earth

Inflicts direct damage (Damage Factor 15000) per second on all troops within the target area for 3 seconds after designating the area with a warning zone. This area will relocate 3 times.

Eldritch Gaze

Deals different types of delayed area damage to a fixed, target location (Damage Factor 25000). Inflicts 4 instances of damage.

Corrupting Influence

After being in battle for 600 seconds, all damage dealt is increased by 10000%.

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