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Everything About Crystals in Season of Conquest

In this Rise of Kingdoms guide, let’s talk about the Crystals in “Season of Conquest”, how to obtain them, the best tips and tricks to make the most of this new type of resource!

What are Crystals?

In KVK “Season of Conquest”, crystals are a new type of resource that can be found in your Inventory Resources tab.

Once you are inside the KvK map, you will be able to build up the 2 new important buildings “Crystal Mine” and “Crystal Research Center”.

The importance of obtaining crystals is that they help develop technologies in the “Crystal Research Center“, giving you tons of power and benefits inside the KVK. These technologies requires only crystals.

Crystal Mine

This building is used to exploit crystals as the farm or mine in our city works. The higher the level of this building, the greater the production of crystals!

It is important to develop this mine if we want to obtain more crystals much faster.

Crystal Research Center

Crystal Research Center is the building in charge of providing us with the necessary technologies during the “Season of Conquest”.

The technology system works similarly to the Academy (but is only available during the KVK). It has some certain levels of development, requires time and crystals.

Each one of these technologies will give “Season Coins” that are used to obtain various rewards from the “Season of Conquest” store.

How to obtain Crystals in Season of Conquest?

Apart from “Crystal Mine“, there are other ways to obtain crystals to a great extent! Below, we will explain each of them:

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Eve of the Crusade

In the “Eve of the Crusade” stage, before entering the “Season of Conquest” map, players can secure at least one place among the top 1000 to obtain some crystals, which will be very helpful at the starting of the KvK:

Achievement Point Rank Crystals GemGems Sculptures
1 1,200,000 Gem4,000 60
2 1,000,000 Gem 3,000 40
3 750,000 Gem 2,000 30
4-10 500,000 Gem 1,000 15
11-20 400,000 Gem 500 10
21-50 250,000 Gem 300 5
51-100 150,000 Gem 100 3
101-300 30,000 2
301-1000 10,000 1


Similar to our normal main kingdom, in “Season of Conquest“, caves and villages can be found on the map.

It’s recommended to collect them while exploring the map to obtain various rewards.

The Cave chests have 3 types of rarities (High, Medium, and Low). All 3 types include crystals and other items in various quantities depending on the rarity. In addition, the villages sometimes give us a small number of crystals.

village in Rise of Kingdoms


The Bastions are the structures of commanders that appear on “Season of Conquest” map which we can take advantage of.

Whenever your Alliance or Coalition links the territory with these Bastions, each Bastion will give a series of missions and offers the rewards of “Crystals” and “Favor“.

Heroic Anthem bastions

Favor helps increase the level of the Bastion. For each Bastion, there are 10 levels and each level increases “Crystal Mine Work Speed“:

Crystal Mine Work Speed
favor Favor Epic Commander Legendary Commander
Level 1 +0% +0%
Level 2 +1.5 % +2%
Level 3 +3 % + 4%
Level 4 +4.5 % + 6%
Level 5 + 6 % + 8%
Level 6 +7.5 % +10%
Level 7 +9 % + 12%
Level 8 +10.5 % +14%
Level 9 + 12 % +16%
Level 10 + 15 % +20%

In a total of 14 different Bastions, 7 Legendary and 7 Epic, at the maximum level: + 245% Crystal Mine Work Speed

Alliance Territory

On the KvK map, the “Alliance Crystal Field” appears on the map providing a necessary amount of resources for the construction of flags and fortresses of the Alliance.

In “Season of Conquest” these buildings will produce a decent amount of Individual crystals that Alliance members can claim!

Forts and Barbarians

Farming barbarians and destroying forts also grant crystals in addition to the rewards we are used to the normal rewards!

Action Point Action Point Costs:

  • Barbarians (80 Action Point AP)
  • Barbarians Forts (300 Action Point AP)
Barbarians Barbarians Forts
Level Crystals Level Crystals
41-43 400 11 2,500
44-46 450 12 2,750
47-49 500 13 3,000
50-52 550 14 3,250
53-55 600 15 3,500

Kahar the Hidden

Kahar is a warrior that can be summoned by using “ Kahar’s Bone Whistle”.

Defeat him immediately grants you some great rewards and a certain number of crystals.

The crystals dropped by Kahar can be increased in quantity according to the technologies that we develop in “Crystal Research Center

kahar Rise of Kingdoms


During “Season of Conquest“, Crystals will also come with other resources when unpacking bundles.

If you’re a player who wants to spend, we recommend getting the Supply Deposit “Premium Season Crystal Supply” + 50% Crystal Mine Work Speed and log in every day to claim a total of 3,000,000 crystal, 60K Daily.

As you level up the “Crystal Mine” and “Crystal Research Center“, some bundles will pop up at certain levels for a duration of1 hour. These bundles are optional, if you do not want to spend a lot more money, let them go, but they are very helpful for certain technologies.

Premium Season Crystal Supply

Tips to Getting Crystals Quickly

  • Improve “Crystal Mine” as fast as you can to the maximum level, it allows you to exploit many more crystals in less time.
  • Spend your daily Action Point Action Points on farming barbarians or forts.
  • Taking advantage of the “Bastions“! Each of these grants crystals that can be increased through technologies. Improving the level of bastions is essential to increase the “Crystal Mine Work Speed“.
  • Kahar is a strong candidate to go whenever you do not have enough crystals, however, it is advisable to improve the technologies of increasing rewards for crystals of this to take better advantage of it.


Obtaining crystals in the first days of “Season of Conquest” will be complicated if you do not apply an efficient development strategy in terms of technologies.

Ye must balance each of these to be able to take advantage of the “Crystal Research Center” and little by little to increase the overall crystal gain for the city.

Hopefully this guide somehow help you understand the importance of Crystal and the best ways to farm it!

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